zondag 23 augustus 2009

Lost, final season

The fifth season of "Lost" just ended here in the Netherlands. Very exciting! But we have to wait a very long time for season 6, the final season. In America it will air in early 2010, so here in the Netherlands it will be much later then that. AAAAH! So we have to wait like what, 8 months? So:
- Is Juliet dead?
- What happens after Jacob gets killed?
- Will Daniel be right, the plain never crashes after they bombed the island?
- Will Locke die when he leaves the island again (that part was very confusing)
- Will Kate find Claire?
- Will Sun and Jin find each other again?
- How will Sawyer deal with Juliets eventual death?
- Will Jack and Kate get back together?
- Where is Aaron?
- Will Charlie return (for some reason)?
See, I have a lot of questions. They won't be answered for a long time. I did read that the first two episode names are "LAX part 1 and 2". So it has to do with the airport. So maybe Daniel was right and they will safely land in L.A. I'm ready for their final season, but the creators of "Lost" aren't so.... hurry up. I need my answers!

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