donderdag 27 februari 2014

Top 5 Thursday: My Kitchen Rules Teams

“My Kitchen Rules” is one of my favourite cooking shows, I just love the fact that all the contestants are cooking in teams of two. I didn’t enjoy the first season, but ever since season 2 I’ve been a fan of the show. Here are my favourite teams of all the season so far.

5. Bill & Alex (Season 2)
They did best during the instant restaurant round, because they weren’t very consistent after that. But I always liked to see them race through the kitchen.

4. Sammy & Bella (Season 2)
The winners of season 2 and they were known for taking risks. I think it’s wonderful to see that two young sisters can produce such lovely food.

3. Dan & Steph (season 4)
The winners of season 4. They are such a sweet couple and they were very kind. Their instant restaurant didn’t blow anyone away, but they did their jobs later in the show.

2. Esther & Ali (Season 2)
They were my favourite couple of season 2. Two sweet girl, who are cops in their daily life, cook their asses of. They also took risks, but they didn’t always work in their favour like it did for Sammy & Bella.

1. David & Scott (Season 3)
These two soldiers surprised everyone and I didn’t like to see them leave. I loved those guys. They were funny and produced good food. They lost in the cook off against eventual winners Jennifer & Leigh.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Mick & Matt (season 4), Luke & Scott (season 4), Leigh & Jennifer (season 3), Emma & Andrew (Season 3), Anne-Marie & Nick (Season 2)

woensdag 26 februari 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 37: Edtv

Director: Ron Howard
Genre: Comedy/ Drama
Runtime: 118 minutes
Year: 1999
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman, Ellen Degeneres, Elizabeth Hurley

Description: Video store clerk Ed (Matthew McConaughey) agrees to have his life filmed by a camera crew for a tv network.

Review: Financially the TV network “True TV” is on lower ground. Their producer has to think of a new formula and comes up with the idea to follow someone 24/7. Ed Pekurney is the lucky guy. At first it doesn’t look like something people will watch, but it becomes a huge hit.
Because of the script and the montage, the film feels realistic. We all know the concept of reality TV, which gets more unoriginal nowadays. But back in 1999 this was groundbreaking. “Edtv” is a fun film about the hype of a real life show. It has a lot of humoristic moments. Off course you compare this film to “The Truman Show”, a movie with a similar theme. “Edtv” is very standard then, but on its own it s surely a very entertaining movie.
The acting is solid, the casting is strong as well. It’s Matthew McConaughy in his early days and he was cast perfectly as the laid back Ed. Woody Harrelson does a good job as brother Ray and Jenna Elfman has great chemistry with McConaughey. Although “Edtv” wasn’t a success in theaters, I enjoyed it and found it very entertaining. And recommendable.

Rating: 3/ 5

zondag 23 februari 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 36: The Guilt Trip

Director: Anne Fletcher
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 95 minutes
Year: 2012
Starring: Seth Rogen, Barbra Streisand, Yvonne Strahovski, Colin Hanks, Adam Scott

Description: As inventor Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime, a quick stop at his mom's (Barbra Streisand) house turns into an unexpected cross-country voyage with her along for the ride.

Review: Barbra Streisand plays Joyce Brewster, a typical Jewish-American mother who is always clearly present and doesn’t keep her opinion to herself. To make it more cliché she is very focused on money, counts every penny. Seth Rogen plays her schlemiel of a son, who’s still single and is trying to sell his environmental friendly cleaning product.
“The Guilt Trip” is referred to as a comedic road movie, but that is misleading. You don’t really get to see much of the environment.
Seth Rogen is very introvert in his role, which gives Streisand the room to flourish. But all the jokes are seldom funny. All I felt was this awkward feeling towards Streisand’s role. There isn’t even room for fun supporting roles, which could have saved this film a bit. If Rogen wasn’t in it, “The Guilt Trip” would’ve been even more uneventful.
The reason I watched this film was Seth Rogen, because I really like his humor. But I was warned, because a movie with the word guilt in its title makes you feel that when the end credits turn up.

Rating: 2/ 5

Movie Trailer Sunday (127)

Here are this weeks trailers.
Description: Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) has the perfect family, his dream job, and tomorrow should be the crowning moment of his career. But one phone call will force him to make a decision that will put it all on the line.
Director: Steven Knight
Starring: Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Olivia Colman, Tom Holland, Ben Daniels, Danny Webb, Alice Lowe, Bill Milner, Lee Ross, Silas Carson, Kirsty Dillon
Trailer: Trailer "Locke"
Comment: They got my attention!

Frankie & Alice
Description: The story of a go-go dancer (Halle Berry) with multiple personalities struggling to remain her true self while fighting against two very unique alter egos: a seven-year-old child named Genius and a Southern white racist woman named Alice. In order to stop the multiple voices in her head, Frankie works together with a psychotherapist to uncover and overcome the mystery of the inner ghosts that haunt her.
Director: Geoffrey Sax,
Starring: Halle Berry, Stellan Skarsgård, Phylicia Rashad, Chandra Wilson
Comment: I'm always a bit indifferent about Halle Berry.

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon, Isabella Rossellini
Trailer: Trailer "Enemy"
Comment: If it's any good as "Prisoner"....

Guardians of the Galaxy
Description: In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan (Lee Pace).
Director: James Gunn
Starring: Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Davu Bautista, Vin Diesel, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Glen Close, Djimon Hounsou, John, C. Reilly, Benicio Del Toro
Comment: Rocket Racoon is already my favorite character!!

Authors Anonymous
Description: When a dysfunctional group of unpublished writers accept Hannah into their fold, the last thing they expect is her overnight success. Can these lovable misfits achieve their artistic dreams and avoid killing one another in the process?
Director: Ellie Kanner
Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Tricia Helfer, Jonathan Banks, Teri Polo, Dennis Farina
Comment: Looks funny.

zaterdag 22 februari 2014

DVD Collection Update (12)

All the movies I bought recently were movies I haven't seen before. Some relatively new, others just came out. Here they are.

First I got "Don Jon", a movie I wanted to see, but I was the only one. No one in my friend and family circle wanted to join me. And now I'm happy I waited for the DVD, because it's a bit awkward to watch a porn themed film with your brother or best friend. I did love the film, I met my expectations.

I literally bumped into this movie and payed only 3 euros for it. That's practically nothing. In the past I was never a fan of Matthew McConaughey, but I'm starting to like him more and more. It's because his movies get better and he shows me how good of an actor he is. "The Lincoln Lawyer" surprised me, I really enjoyed this film.

I haven't watched "The Descendants" yet, but the day I bought this film, it was also on TV. I decided to wait for the right moment to watch this, but I have high expectations.

Although I'm not into Formula 1 racing, this movie is in my favorites list now. It's an amzing film, with great acting by Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth. And you know how much I love Hemsworth.

The film "Prisoners" is nothing predictable, although it seems in the beginning. It's such a good film ans also on my favorites list now. This movie took my breath away!

In My Mailbox (136)

I received 11 postcards this week, from 11 different countries. First from the capitol of Russia, Moscow. I thought it was a lighthouse, but I think it's a monument or something.

Sent: february 1st 2014
Received: februari 16th 2014
Distance: 2,139 km (1,329 miles)
Travel Time: 15 days

From Vaasa, Finland I got this gorgouse winter sight. So beautiful. It was a kid that send me this card, who told me her mother's favorite actor was Tom Hanks. Just like mine!

Sent: february 11th 2014
Received: february 16th 2014
Distance: 1,617 km (1,005 miles)
Travel Time: 5 days

My favorite of the week came from my country the Netherlands, Borssele to be exact. Never heard of that town by the way. I just adore this sweet hedgehog.

Sent: february 14th 2014
Received: february 16th 2014
Distance: 159 km (99 miles)
Travel Time: 2 days

Cute puppies always make me smile! This postcard came from Hongkong.

Sent: february 5th 2014
Received: february 19th 2014
Distance: 9,292 km (5,774 miles)
Travel Time: 14 days

And my other favorite came from Sydney, Australia. Adorable! Koalas are so cute.

Sent: february 13th 2014
Received february 19th 2014
Distance: 16,623 km (10,329 miles)
Travel Time: 6 days

From Winnipeg, Canada I got this cool artsy postcard. I took me a while to realize it were people with umbrellas.

Sent: february 10th 2014
Received: february 19th 2014
Distance: 6,642 km (4,127 miles)
Travel Time: 9 days

Wow, I really think this card is awesome. It's from Turnhout, Belgium. It's by an artist with a style I really love.

Sent: february 13th 2014
Received: february 19th 2014
Distance: 73 km (45 miles)
Travel Time: 6 days

This card makes me feel like spring! Lovely postcard from Portsmouth, Great Brittain.

Sent: february 14th 2014
Received: february 19th 2014
Distance: 497 km (309 miles)
Travel Time: 5 days

This postcard came from Minsk, Belarus.

Sent: february 7th 2014
Received: february 19th 2014
Distance: 1,486 km (923 miles)
Travel Time: 12 days

Another cute dog, this time from Daugavpils, Latvia.

Sent: february 14th 2014
Received: february 22nd 2014
Distance: 1,445 km (898 miles)
Travel Time: 8 days

And the first time I've received a card from Kazachstan. From a town called Almaty.

Sent: february 12th 2014
Received: february 22nd 2014
Distance: 5,211 km (3,238 miles)
Travel Time: 10 days

Thanks Olga, Rebecca, Kristel, Jinis, Roly & Coco, Lynette, Layla, Colin, Helena, Ilona and Lyubov for your amazing cards this week!

vrijdag 21 februari 2014

100 Movies Challenge 2014 - # 35: 12 Years a Slave

Director: Steve McQueen
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 133 minutes
Year: 2013
Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Lupito Nyongo’o, Benedict Cumberbacth, Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti, Sarah Paulson

Description: In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Facing cruelty, as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity.

Review: “12 Years a Slave” is already the third movie by director Steve McQueen. The novel with the same title is the true story of Solomon Northup and is one of the most prevailing stories about slavery.
In 1841, Solomon Northup lives with his wife and children in Saragota Springs, New York and makes his money as a violinist. When two men approach him to play for a travelling circus, Solomon accepts. After a couple of successful shows, he wakes up in a dark room, chained. From here the suffering starts for Solomon.
McQueen is a true artist when it comes to filmmaking. He uses some very long and extended shots, which contribute to feeling more empathy as a viewer. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer also fits this film perfectly.
The title role is played by the relatively unknown Chiwetel Ejiofor. He plays the role of his life, very rarely do you feel so much for a character. He loses every single bit of hope and rebellion. The rest of the cast is also solid. A lot of the big names only have little roles, but they fulfill their job well. Michael Fassbender, who plays slave owner Edwin Epps, is relentless. And newcomer Lupito Nyongo’o is also a name worth mentioning. The tragic role of Patsey is one of the most difficult roles of the film. A certain whip scene is the hardest scene the watch.
“12 Years a Slave” is an emotional film and a definite must-see.

Rating: 5/ 5

donderdag 20 februari 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Movies from 1986

Back to the 80’s, let’s see which movies made me happy in 1986.

5. The Money Pit
I know it’s probably not one of the best movies, but I somehow love 80’s Tom Hanks. This movie is hilarious, especially because of Tom Hanks!

4. Top Gun
Although it’s about male fighter pilots, it’s more a movie for girls. I was so in love with Tom Cruise on his bike. And I really wanted to be Kelly McGillis on that table…

3. Aliens
The first one was good, but this was even better. I think almost every fan of the franchise will pick this one. It really put Sigourney Weaver on the map as an action heroine.

2. Platoon
Probably the best war movie. Some breath-taking scenes in here, that really grabbed me and they were so intense. This is a movie that takes you in and holds you ‘till the end.

1. Stand By Me
It’s one of my favourites of all-time. I just love these coming of age stories, especially when it involves a bunch of characters that don’t belong with any group. Every single kid in this film is loveable in its own way, although some are a bit strange. Can’t get enough of “Stand By Me”.

They Almost Made the Top 5: The Golden Child, Blue Velvet, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

woensdag 19 februari 2014

Movie Battle: Armageddon Vs. Deep Impact

The movies I’m going to compare today have a similar plot: a meteor heading to planet earth. It’s “Armageddon” Vs. “Deep Impact”.

Armageddon: Bruce Willis is one of our favourite action stars, so that was good. It was the breakthrough movie for both Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler and it also had Steve Buscemi, Owen Wilson, Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Clarke Duncan in it.

Deep Impact: The biggest star in this film was Morgan Freeman, who played the President of the United States. Other actors were Téa Leoni, Robert DuVall, Elijah Wood and Vanessa Redgrave.


Armageddon: A group of deep core drillers is recruited to save the world from an asteroid the size of Texas. The story focusses on this group, but you especially sympathize Bruce Willis’ character. His death makes me cry every single time.

Deep Impact: This movie focused on multiple storylines. We saw how all the characters tried to deal with the fact of a meteor coming towards earth. Because there are so many characters and storylines, you don’t really relate to any of them. But “Deep Impact” is probably the more scientifically accurate of the two.


Armageddon: The effects are great, it especially looks amazing on the big screen and with a good surround sound system.

Deep Impact: Although they were both released in 1998, “Deep Impact” didn’t have such great effects. They weren’t awefull, but compared to “Armageddon” it was obvious they didn’t have the same budget.


I’m not a fan of either one of the movies, but they are both great popcorn films. I have a slight preference for “Armageddon”, mostly because of Bruce!

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 34: Prisoners

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Genre: Drama/ Thriller/ Crime
Runtime: 146 minutes
Year: 2013
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Paul Dano, Melissa Leo

Description: When Keller Dover's (Hugh Jackman) daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts. But just how far will this desperate father go to protect his family?

Review: On Thanksgiving the young daughters of the Dover and Birch family go missing. Fathers Keller and Franklin go looking for them, but can’t find them. Around the time the girls went missing, a mysterious RV was spotted and Detective Loki goes to the owner. Alex Jones is arrested, but eventually the cops let him go. Keller is sure Alex is responsible.
Fans of feel-good movies should be warned, because this film has a grim atmosphere. Just when you think you figured it out, the film comes with some masterful twists. This makes “Prisoners” everything but predictable and you never see the actual ending coming.
The cast of “Prisoners” did a tremendous job. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal stand out. Jackman is known for his friendly character, which makes his performance even more impressive. Jake Gyllenhaal has a more introvert way of acting, which fits his character of detective Loki perfectly. Paul Dano was also cast very well as Alex Jones.
Director Denis Villeneuve did a perfect job and this is definitely one of the best films of 2013. If you like darker movies, this is just what you need. “Prisoners” will make you gasp for air and leave you breathless in the end. But no worries, this film is worth that.

Rating: 5/ 5

maandag 17 februari 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 33: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Director: Stephen Chbosky
Genre: Drama/ Romance
Runtime: 103 minutes
Year: 2012
Starring: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Kate Walsh, Dylan McDermott, Paul Rudd, Joan Cusack, Nina Dobrev, Melanie Lynskey

Description: The 15-year-old Charlie (Logan Lerman) is an endearing and naive outsider, coping with first love, the suicide of his best friend, and his own mental illness while struggling to find a group of people with whom he belongs. The introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors, Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), who welcome him to the real world.

Review: Charlie had a rough year and doesn’t have any hope for it to get better this year. He even starts counting down the days he has left going to school.
The American Stephen Chbosky wrote the book with the same title, made it into a script and decided to direct the movie himself. Because who else then the author knows the book the best? And it’s visible, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is a fantastic film that makes you remember the John Hughes films from the 80’s. He can’t avoid the typical high school clichés, but because the film has an authentic feel to it, that never bothers you. With that the plot is much more original then other movies in the genre.
It’s hard not to see Hermione Granger when you watch Emma Watson, but she managed to make you forget about her Harry Potter past. It’s obvious that Watson is a good actress. Leading actor Logan Lerman is very convincing as the vulnerable and fragile Charlie and Ezra Miller’s performance is very impressive as the flamboyant Patrick. The three also have great chemistry. All the actors touch you and you can sympathize with all of the characters.
“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is made with a lot of love, which sometimes gave me goose bumps. That scene in the tunnel especially. A perfect mix of drama, humor and romance with a pleasant nostalgic feel to it.

Rating: 4,5/ 5

zondag 16 februari 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 32: Lincoln

Director: Steven Spielberg
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 151 minutes
Year: 2012
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairns, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Spader, Hal Holbrook, John Hawkes, Jackie Earle Haley, Tim Blake Nelson, Bruce McGill, Lee Pace, Jared Harris

Description: In 1865, as the American Civil War winds inexorably toward conclusion, U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) endeavors to achieve passage of the landmark constitutional amendment which will forever ban slavery from the United States. However, his task is a race against time, for peace may come at any time, and if it comes before the amendment is passed, the returning southern states will stop it before it can become law.

Review: 1865, the United States of America has been tortured with a Civil War for already four years. President Lincoln wants to end it, but first he wants his 13th amendment to be approved by the congress. When it is approved it means that slavery will end. Steven Spielberg’s task was to bring the story of this beloved man to the big screen. Lincoln’s most important deed was ending slavery and that’s what this movie focusses on. No long introduction of the president’s life, we go directly to one of the most important moments of his career.
“Lincoln” is for a huge part about political developments, which can be confusing for the average viewer. Some difficult terms are used, together with a lot of characters. What Spielberg does best is building up the tension even though you already know how the story is going to end. With that you don’t even notice the two and a half hour duration of the film.
For the role of president Lincoln, Spielberg choose one of the best actors in Hollywood: Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s known for getting lost in his roles and he does that again with “Lincoln”. His performance is so intense that you forget that you’re watching an actor. Sally Field, who had to persuade Spielberg to give her the role, plays Lincoln’s wife. Her most impressive moment is when she is in an argument with Lincoln. Tommy Lee Jones steals the show with his supporting role as Thaddeus Stevens, whom I found the most likeable character of the film.
The movie looks fantastic, it’s been perfected with a great eye for detail. Lincolns office was an exact replica, including all the books that he had.
“Lincoln” is a beautiful historical drama, that focusses on one of the most important events in history. That Daniel Day-Lewis won an Academy Award for his role is more than deserved.

Rating: 4,5/ 5

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 31: Rush

Director: Ron Howard
Genre: Action/ Drama
Runtime: 123 minutes
Year: 2013
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara

Description: Based on the true story of a great sporting rivalry between handsome English playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Austrian driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). The story follows their distinctly different personal styles on and off the track, their loves and the astonishing 1976 season in which both drivers were willing to risk everything to become world champion in a sport with no margin for error: if you make a mistake, you die.

Review: In the 70’s two talented Formula 1 drivers go head to head: the flamboyant James Hunt and the pragmatic Niki Lauda. They both come from wealthy families, but that’s the only resemblance they have. Hunt trusts his gut and intuition, where Lauda leaves nothing to chance.
Ron Howard is at his best when he tells someone’s true story, look at “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind”. “Rush” belongs in that row, because this movie is anything but forgettable. Even if you’re not into Formula 1 racing, you get dragged into this fascinating world. The cinematography is fantastic and also a big plus for the well written script.
The ones who steal the show are the leading actors Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, who easily could have gotten an Academy Award nomination. The dynamic between the two is clearly present. The two characters they play have an ongoing rivalry, but because of their sublime performances it’s easy to find sympathy for both drivers. The best thing is that even though they are rivals, they want to get better, they motivate each other and also have a mutual respect.
“Rush” is an engrossing film, with strong acting and a vibrant story. It’s more than your standard film about racing. “Rush” is a winner.

Rating: 5/ 5

Movie Trailer Sunday (126)

Here are this weeks trailers.

Two Faces of January
Description: 1962. A glamorous American couple, the charismatic Chester MacFarland (Viggo Mortensen) and his alluring younger wife Colette (Kirsten Dunst), arrive in Athens by boat via the Corinthian Canal. While sightseeing at the Acropolis they encounter Rydal (Oscar Isaac), a young, Greek-speaking American who is working as a tour guide, scamming tourists on the side. Drawn to Colette's beauty and impressed by Chester's wealth and sophistication, Rydal gladly accepts their invitation to dinner. However, all is not as it seems with the MacFarlands and Chester's affable exterior hides darker secrets. When Rydal visits the couple at their exclusive hotel, Chester presses him to help move the body of a seemingly unconscious man who he claims attacked him. In the moment, Rydal agrees but as events take a more sinister turn he finds himself compromised and unable to pull himself free. His increasing infatuation with the vulnerable and responsive Colette gives rise to Chester's jealousy and paranoia, leading to a tense and dangerous battle of wits between the two men.
Director: Hossein Amini
Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Oscar Isaac
Comment: I've Always liked both Mortensen and Dunst, strange combo though but looks good.

The Double
Description: Simon (Jesse Eisenberg) is a timid man, scratching out an isolated existence in an indifferent world. He is overlooked at work, scorned by his mother, and ignored by the woman of his dreams. He feels powerless to change any of these things. The arrival of a new co-worker, James (Jesse Eisenberg), serves to upset the balance. James is both Simons exact physical double and his opposite - confident, charismatic and good with women. To Simons horror, James slowly starts taking over his life.
Director: Richard Ayoade
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn, Sally Hawkins, Chris O'Dowd
Comment: I don't know what this is yet, looks weird but good.

Description: Tammy (Melissa McCarthy), who was recently fired from a Toppy Jacks fast food restaurant, returns home only to find her husband enjoying a romantic meal with the neighbor. She quickly packs her necessities, and travels down three houses to her parent's home. Upon denied use of her mom's car to drive to Niagara Falls, she quickly resorts to an "ailing" grandmother, who also lives in the home...Only instead of traveling alone, Grandma Pearl wants in on the road trip. After realizing Grandma Pearl has the funds, they hit the road. Pearl soon proves to be quite the alcoholic despite her diabetes, and Tammy quickly turns into the "baby-sitter." From finding love in a bar to robbing a Toppy Jack's in order to bail Pearl out of jail,the quirky adventure will have you finding yourself riding along for the misadventures of Tammy.
Director: Ben Falcone
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Allison Janney, Gary Cole, Mark Duplass, Toni Collette, Dan Aykroyd, Kathy Bates
Trailer: Trailer "Tammy"
Comment: Only Melissa McCarthy can pull this off.

The Love Punch
Description: A divorced couple scheme to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them.
Director: Joel Hopkins
Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, Louise Bourgoin, Laurent Lafitte
Comment: Brosnan is back, another movie with him. And Emma Thompsons is always great.
Drive Hard
Description: American thief, Simon Keller (John Cusack), arrives in a foreign country in need of a getaway driver. Rather than recruit one from the underworld, he takes a driving lesson from ex F-1 champion, Peter Roberts (Thomas Jane), now working as a driving instructor. After Keller robs a bank during the lesson, Roberts has no choice, but to use his driving talent to get away from pursuing police and mobsters.
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Starring: John Cusack, Thomas Jane,
Comment: This actually looks really bad, but you know how much I love John Cusack.

zaterdag 15 februari 2014

In My Mailbox (135)

Wow, fifteen postcards this week! From Novopolosk, Belarus I got thes flowery fairies. Pretty cute.

Sent: february 1st 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 1,575 km (979 miles)
Travel Time: 11 days

Lovely teapots & teacups from Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Sent: january 21st 2014
Received: january 12th 2014
Distance: 2,170 km (1,348 miles)
Travel Time: 22 days

From Fredricksburg, Virginia, US I got my favorite of the week. I love this gorgeous snowy fox.

Sent: february 4th 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 6,396 km (3,974 miles)
Travel Time: 8 days

This golden swan came from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Sent: january 16th 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 2,535 km (1,575 miles)
Travel Time: 27 days

This sweet ladybug came from Dortmund, Germany.

Sent: february 7th 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 109 km (68 miles)
Travel Time: 5 days

Hot air ballons are so cool, seeing this card wants me to be in one. This card came from Yong'an, China.

Sent: january 18th 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 9,151 km (5,686 miles)
Travel Time: 25 days

PUPPIES!!!! This cute card came from Brockhagen, Germany.

Sent: february 7th 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 189 km (117 miles)
Travel Time: 5 days

I think it's a castle. It's from Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Sent: february 1st 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 468 km (291 miles)
Travel Time: 11 days

Fun card, don't know what it says or who does characters are though. The card came from Kumamoto, Japan.

Sent: february 3rd 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 9,244 km (5,744 miles)
Travel Time: 9 days

Although the map is from Mississippi (didn't have that yet), the card itself was send from Memphis, Tennesee.

Sent: february 1st 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 7,438 km (4,622 miles)
Travel Time: 11 days

This train postcard came from Taipei, Taiwan.

Sent: january 19th 2014
Received: february 12th 2014
Distance: 9,516 km (5,913 miles)
Travel Time: 24 days

Lighthouse Always do well, it's from Axel, Netherlands. I never heard of that town before.

Sent: february 12th 2014
Received: february 14th 2014
Distance: 145 km (90 miles)
Travel Time: 2 days

This is such a gorgeous card, my other favorite of the week. It's from Lviv, Ukraine, loving it!

Sent: february 7th 2014
Received: february 14th 2014
Distance: 1,282 km (797 miles)
Travel Time: 7 days

Another card from Taipei, Taiwan. I also have this card, so I'm very happy to receive it myself!

Sent: february 4th 2014
Received: february 15th 2014
Distance: 9,477 km (5,889 miles)
Travel Time: 11 days

My first card from Norway, at least my first official. It's from Sunnmøre, Norway.

Sent: february 4th 2014
Received: february 15th 2014
Distance: 1,247 km (775 miles)
Travel Time: 11 days

Thanks Anastasia, Vera, Victoria, Julia, Vivian, Cumin, Gabriele, Shiobhan, Hiroko, Jamie, Sasha, Yvette, Nastya, Wan-Yu and Daniel for the amazing cards and the full mailbox this week!