donderdag 27 februari 2014

Top 5 Thursday: My Kitchen Rules Teams

“My Kitchen Rules” is one of my favourite cooking shows, I just love the fact that all the contestants are cooking in teams of two. I didn’t enjoy the first season, but ever since season 2 I’ve been a fan of the show. Here are my favourite teams of all the season so far.

5. Bill & Alex (Season 2)
They did best during the instant restaurant round, because they weren’t very consistent after that. But I always liked to see them race through the kitchen.

4. Sammy & Bella (Season 2)
The winners of season 2 and they were known for taking risks. I think it’s wonderful to see that two young sisters can produce such lovely food.

3. Dan & Steph (season 4)
The winners of season 4. They are such a sweet couple and they were very kind. Their instant restaurant didn’t blow anyone away, but they did their jobs later in the show.

2. Esther & Ali (Season 2)
They were my favourite couple of season 2. Two sweet girl, who are cops in their daily life, cook their asses of. They also took risks, but they didn’t always work in their favour like it did for Sammy & Bella.

1. David & Scott (Season 3)
These two soldiers surprised everyone and I didn’t like to see them leave. I loved those guys. They were funny and produced good food. They lost in the cook off against eventual winners Jennifer & Leigh.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Mick & Matt (season 4), Luke & Scott (season 4), Leigh & Jennifer (season 3), Emma & Andrew (Season 3), Anne-Marie & Nick (Season 2)

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