woensdag 19 februari 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 34: Prisoners

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Genre: Drama/ Thriller/ Crime
Runtime: 146 minutes
Year: 2013
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Paul Dano, Melissa Leo

Description: When Keller Dover's (Hugh Jackman) daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts. But just how far will this desperate father go to protect his family?

Review: On Thanksgiving the young daughters of the Dover and Birch family go missing. Fathers Keller and Franklin go looking for them, but can’t find them. Around the time the girls went missing, a mysterious RV was spotted and Detective Loki goes to the owner. Alex Jones is arrested, but eventually the cops let him go. Keller is sure Alex is responsible.
Fans of feel-good movies should be warned, because this film has a grim atmosphere. Just when you think you figured it out, the film comes with some masterful twists. This makes “Prisoners” everything but predictable and you never see the actual ending coming.
The cast of “Prisoners” did a tremendous job. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal stand out. Jackman is known for his friendly character, which makes his performance even more impressive. Jake Gyllenhaal has a more introvert way of acting, which fits his character of detective Loki perfectly. Paul Dano was also cast very well as Alex Jones.
Director Denis Villeneuve did a perfect job and this is definitely one of the best films of 2013. If you like darker movies, this is just what you need. “Prisoners” will make you gasp for air and leave you breathless in the end. But no worries, this film is worth that.

Rating: 5/ 5

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