zondag 9 februari 2014

Movie Trailer Sunday (125)

Here are this weeks trailers.

Ernest & Célestine
Description: The story of an unlikely friendship between a bear, Ernest, and a young mouse named Celestine.
Director: Stéphane Auber, VIncent Patar, Benjamin Renner
Starring: Forest Whitaker, Mackenzie Foy, Lauren Bacall, Paul Giamatti, William H. Macy, Megan Mullally, Jeffrey Wright, Nick Offerman
Comment: I'm loving the style!
Hector and the Search for Happiness
Description: Hector (Simon Pegg) is an eccentric yet irresistible London psychiatrist in crisis: he's going nowhere and his patients are just not getting any happier! Until one day, armed with buckets of courage and child-like curiosity, Hector breaks out of his sheltered vacuum of a life into a global quest to find out if happiness exists: and more importantly, if it exists for Hector. And so begins an exotic, dangerous and hysterical journey.
Director: Peter Chelsom
Starring: Simon Pegg, Christopher Plummer, Rosamund Pike, Stellan Skarsgard, Toni Collette, Jean Reno, Veronica Ferres
Comment: I love Simon Pegg and this films looks A-MA-ZING!

Description: A talented and successful actor (James Franco) retires at a young age due to a perceived mental illness. Now living in a small town with his deranged sister (Fallon Goodson) and his best friend (Catherine Keener), we watch as their Maladies intertwine.
Director: Carter
Starring: James Franco, Catherine Keener, Alan Cummin, David Strathairn, Fallon Goodson
Comment: I've been waiting for a drama/ comedy with James Franco.

Description: After being rejected from Harvard University, 14-year old genius and outcast Eli Pettifog (Alex Wolff) finds himself at Whittman College, an Ivy League wannabe. Eli meets 41- year-old freshman Leo Searly (Brendan Fraser), a gambler whose world has imploded and has dropped out of life to enroll in college.
Director: Billy Kent
Starring: Brendan Fraser, Alex Wolff, Parker Posey
Comment: Looks fun!

Breathe In
Description: When a foreign exchange (Felicity Jones) student arrives in a small upstate New York town, she challenges the dynamics of her host family's relationships and alters their lives forever.
Director: Drake Doremus
Starring: Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan
Comment: Looks breathtaking.

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