zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Saying goodbye to "Lost"

This week it was time to say goodbye. We had to say goodbye to the show "Lost". I think it's good, because another season wouldn't be original anymore. But I'm sure as hell gonna miss this show. It made it to my top five of favorites TV-shows of all time. "Lost" was a one-of-a-kind show. I loved it from the beginning. And now we had to see the end of it. I loved the series finale. The part, about all the passengers being in the afterlife (or something like that) was a prediction of my brother a long time ago. I thought he was crazy, but he was right all along. They were all dead! Well, here are the great things from those final episodes:

- Hurley was the number one person to protect the island;
- Ben was his number two, he finally felt appreciated;
- Sayid finding Shannon;
- Lapidus being alive and getting Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Richard of the island;
- Vincent returned;
- Rose and Bernard returned;
- Boone returned;
- Aaron being born (again);
- Claire and Charlie found each other again
- Kate finally choosing the guy she loves the most: Jack (it wouldn't be my choice, but she made up her mind);
- Juliet and Sawyer touch and reunite;
- Jack going in to the church, realizing that he and all the other passengers are dead;
- The final scene, just beautiful.

Things that I kinda missed:
- Where were Michael and Walt?;
- Do we know what the smoke monster was all about? NO!

It was a great finale, I loved it.

dinsdag 25 mei 2010

CSI's best, Season 10

I really enjoyed season 10 of "CSI", and I think the fans finally accepted Ray Langston. I know, he's not Grissom, but He's cool. I like him even better, I was never a Grissom fan. I made a top five of best episodes of season 10. Kinda hard, but those five episodes really stood out for me!

# 5 - Episode 17: Irradiator
The chase for Dr. Jekyll. This was one of those episodes were I sat on the edge of my seat. Awesome excitement and great ending, with Ray being knocked out by Jekyll.

# 4 - Episode 21: Lost & Found
When I saw the promo I didn't really think much of it. But it surprised me. The outcome of the case wasn't what I expected at all. I really liked this episode.

# 3 - Episode 8: Lover's Lane
Cool story, a head found at a bowling alley. And the ending was fun, where the team is going bowling. I always like it to see the team like that.

# 2 - Episode 16: The Panty Sniffer
A lot happened in this episode. Off course the kiss between Catherine and Detective Vartan. And I loved Nick in the episode. Working with Ray on the panty sniffer case. The scene with that girl, where he blushes. Worth a million bucks!

# 1 - Episode 9: Appendicitement
My favorite of the season! I loved the roadtrip the boys made and then the case they had to work on. With the man with the racoon on his face. Really a one of a kind episode.

maandag 24 mei 2010

There's Always a Clue

A famous line that Grissom once said in "CSI": "There's always a cllue". It's a great quote, so I decided to use it for a new wallpaper. It features the current CSI- team: Ray, Nick, Catherine, Greg, Wendy and Hodges. I didn't include Sara tough, because she isn't a regular anymore. It's actually a very simple layout, but I like it simple. Here it is:

Feel free to use it on your own computer.

Next Disneyland layouts

I was busy. I made five more layouts. And I'm still not done with it. A lot of pictures means a lot of scrapbook pages. But it's fun! Here they are:

This is a page with us at our hotelroom:

In Walt Disney Studios:

During the action stunt show:

Me as Mary Poppins:

Evelien, Irene and I with Sully and Mike:

And like I said, still more to come...

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

CSI 's Season 10 Finale

Thursday nights season finale of "CSI" was great. In The Netherlands we have to wait a while, but I watched it online. A real fan can't wait ;) . The team was still hunting the mysterious Dr. Jekyll and they finally found him. The start for the episode was a little slow and I really did agree with Jim Brass on the fact that they brought out Nate Haskell again. They didn't inform him and that was wrong. Here's a list of the awesome/ exciting things from that episode.

- Nate Haskell returning. He's the creepiest serial killer ever!
- It was finally cleared that Catherine and Detective Vartan are 'involved'. At least that's what the conversation told me.
- Nick kicking in that door: "I got it!"
- Greg and Sara at the closed restaurant, finding the blood.
- Nick getting shot, pretending to be dead.
- Ray telling Jekyll about his father.
- Nick shooting Jekyll. How awesome was that. He's the hero of the day!!!!
- The team at the hospital, checking on Nick, who's absolutely fine.
- Nick and Ray having a talk about Ray's dad. I always liked the combination of Ray and Nick. They make a great duo.
- Davids response to the good news about Nick. Dave likes Nick, he always calls him Super Dave.
- Ray getting stabbed bij Haskell, which leaves us with a cliffhanger at the end.

I can't wait for season 11. Some things are clear about it. Ray is coming back, Laurence Fishburne signed a contract. So that takes out the tension a little bit. That means that Ray is going to be fine. I also read that Carol Mendelsohn wanted to give more away about Greg and Nicks private lives. That's exciting. But for now, RERUNS, oh yeah, and waiting for season 10 on DVD!

zondag 16 mei 2010

Why do we love Nick Stokes?

Recently I made a list of my favorite things about Dean Winchester from "Supernatural". Well, I made a similar list about another favorite of mine. "CSI" is my all time favorite show and Nick Stokes is my CSI! Here's the list:

... because he's a people's person
... because he has a killer smile
... because he looks good with sunglasses on
... because he's good with kids
... because he's a true friend
... because he's a caring man
... because he's a charmer
... because you can still make him blush (Season 10 episode "The Panty Sniffer")
... because of his ring (we still don't know what it means)
... because he knows how to handle a gun
... because he knows how to have fun
... because he's a good teacher and he gives great advice
... because he isn't affraid to show his emotions
... because he likes sports
... because he looks good in every single thing he wears
... just because he's Nick Stokes!!


My mom and I visited a musical yesterday: Mary Poppins. I LOVED IT! Such a great musical. Noortje Herlaar played Mary, she was the winner in a contest and I wasn't a fan of her when I was watching the show. But when I saw her there on stage, I realized how good she was. William Spaaij played Bert. I saw him before, in the Dutch version of Grease. I liked hem then and I liked him now. The d├ęcor was amazing. It looked like a dollhouse unfolding everytime the set changed. I can't describe it, you really have to see it for yourself. The songs were all familiar, but now in Dutch. They sounded good and catchy, just like in the movie. This musical was worth every penny and me and my mom had a great day. Here are some pictures:

The theatre in Scheveningen:

Mary & Bert (alias Noortje Herlaar & Williams Spaaij) signing after the show. They signed my photobook as well:

The first thing we said to each other after the show: What's the next musical!?!?

donderdag 13 mei 2010

Best Movie Remakes

Throughout the years they made a lot of movie remakes. Especially recently filmmakers decide to remake every single movie. Even if they don't need it. Like "Halloween" and " ANightmare on Elm Street". Movies that didn't need a remake. But sometimes directors do the right thing. I made a list of remakes that were actually good and maybe even better than the original. Here they are:

[The Ring] A strong horror movie that always gives me the creeps. Naomi Watts has a beautiful mother role in it and she does everything to unravel the mystery behind that weird videotape.

[Cape Fear] A very good thriller. Robert De Niro plays his rol as th obsessive Max Cady very convincing.

[The Departed] I love this movie. Perfect casting, an intriging story and a strong ending.

[King Kong} This is one of those movies that needed a remake. Peter Jackson made a masterpiece, with again Naomi Watts in it (she's in a lot of remakes). Great action, beautiful scenes between Kong and Ann and a heartripping ending.

[Scarface] A couple of years ago I didn't even know it was a remake. Brian De Palma did a great job and Al Pacino created an iconic character with even so iconic lines ("Say hello to my little friend")

[Pride & Prejudice] The best story Jane Austen has written and this is also it's best movie. Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett, awesome! She even got an Oscar nod for it.

[True Lies] Not to be taken very seriously, but that's what makes this movie so good. It has great humor and Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger make a suprisingly fantastic duo.

dinsdag 11 mei 2010

Why do we love Dean Winchester?

A while ago I gave you a couple of reasons why I love the CW show "Supernatural". Well, it's a great show, but my favorite thing about the show is Dean. When I started to think things over, I came to think of a lot of reason why I love Dean Winchester so much (love him in a non- creepy way). I came up with 12 reasons. Here they are:

... because he has a good sense of humor
... because of his Impala. He could take me for a ride any time
... because he does everything to save the people he loves
... because he breaks my heart everytime he cries. I just want to cry with him
... because of his smile
... because he's a family man and an awesome big brother
... because of his ass ;)
... because of his leather jacket which looks very good on him (he also looks ridiculously good in a suit by the way)
... because he's great with kids
... because he know how to handle a gun
... because he loves rock music and when he sings along, it actually sounds good
... because he so freakin' irresistible

Next time I will make the same list, but then about my other favorite TV character: "CSI's" Nick Stokes. So, coming soon....

The first four

I started working on my Disneyland, Paris scrapbook. I have to make like 15 pages!!! I already made 4 of them, so I wanted to share them with you.

Here's the first page, where we enter the park. It's me and Irene, Evelien took the picture.

The first Disney character we walked in on, was Eeyore.

When we saw the first giftshop, we acted a little silly. But that's what Disneyland does to you. You feel like a kid again!

And then we met Rafiki, from "The Lion King". He really was into character.

So soon I will show you my other layouts. It'll be a little while, because I just ordered scrapbook paper. When they arrive, I will start working on my album again.

zondag 9 mei 2010

Clouseau Concert

Yesterday me and my mom went to see Clouseau. No, not inspector Clouseau, but the Belgium band. They had a song in the 80's and as a little kid I was a fan of that song. And I was totally in love with leadsinger Koen Wauters. Over the years they've had a lot of hits, but I never got the chance to see them live. Yesterday I finally did. And the last song was that famous hit from the 80's!!!! Here are some pictures:

And I have to say, Koen still looks good, and the concert was amazing!!!

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Some more Disneyland pictures

I promised to post more Disneyland pictures, so here they are.
Me with Rafiki from "The Lion King":

Irene and I with Mickey hands:

Me and Irene with the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland":

Me, Evelien and Irene at our hotel room:

Welcome to Disney Studios:

Evelien, Donald Duck, Irene and I:

As you can see, we had a lot of fun. And we are very sad those days are already over. I want to go back!!!!!

maandag 3 mei 2010

Disneyland was great!!!

Yesterday evening I came back from Disneyland, Paris. I went three days with my friends Irene and Evelien. We had a blast!. The first two days we visited the park and the studios. The third day we made a tour trough Paris. We took a lot of pictures and here are some of mine:

Me with Eeyore:

Me as Mary Poppins:

Evelien, Irene and Me with Sully and Mike from "Monster's Inc.":

I bought some souvenirs for my family. My mom got a keychain with Minnie Mouse, my dad a bandana with Jack Skellington and I bought my brother a Mr. Potato head. For myself I got a mug and bowl with Mike on it, from "Monster's Inc."

Soon I will post some more picture that my friend Evelien made. She made over 400 photos!!! She photographs everything!!!!