zaterdag 22 mei 2010

CSI 's Season 10 Finale

Thursday nights season finale of "CSI" was great. In The Netherlands we have to wait a while, but I watched it online. A real fan can't wait ;) . The team was still hunting the mysterious Dr. Jekyll and they finally found him. The start for the episode was a little slow and I really did agree with Jim Brass on the fact that they brought out Nate Haskell again. They didn't inform him and that was wrong. Here's a list of the awesome/ exciting things from that episode.

- Nate Haskell returning. He's the creepiest serial killer ever!
- It was finally cleared that Catherine and Detective Vartan are 'involved'. At least that's what the conversation told me.
- Nick kicking in that door: "I got it!"
- Greg and Sara at the closed restaurant, finding the blood.
- Nick getting shot, pretending to be dead.
- Ray telling Jekyll about his father.
- Nick shooting Jekyll. How awesome was that. He's the hero of the day!!!!
- The team at the hospital, checking on Nick, who's absolutely fine.
- Nick and Ray having a talk about Ray's dad. I always liked the combination of Ray and Nick. They make a great duo.
- Davids response to the good news about Nick. Dave likes Nick, he always calls him Super Dave.
- Ray getting stabbed bij Haskell, which leaves us with a cliffhanger at the end.

I can't wait for season 11. Some things are clear about it. Ray is coming back, Laurence Fishburne signed a contract. So that takes out the tension a little bit. That means that Ray is going to be fine. I also read that Carol Mendelsohn wanted to give more away about Greg and Nicks private lives. That's exciting. But for now, RERUNS, oh yeah, and waiting for season 10 on DVD!

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