dinsdag 11 mei 2010

Why do we love Dean Winchester?

A while ago I gave you a couple of reasons why I love the CW show "Supernatural". Well, it's a great show, but my favorite thing about the show is Dean. When I started to think things over, I came to think of a lot of reason why I love Dean Winchester so much (love him in a non- creepy way). I came up with 12 reasons. Here they are:

... because he has a good sense of humor
... because of his Impala. He could take me for a ride any time
... because he does everything to save the people he loves
... because he breaks my heart everytime he cries. I just want to cry with him
... because of his smile
... because he's a family man and an awesome big brother
... because of his ass ;)
... because of his leather jacket which looks very good on him (he also looks ridiculously good in a suit by the way)
... because he's great with kids
... because he know how to handle a gun
... because he loves rock music and when he sings along, it actually sounds good
... because he so freakin' irresistible

Next time I will make the same list, but then about my other favorite TV character: "CSI's" Nick Stokes. So, coming soon....

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