zondag 16 mei 2010


My mom and I visited a musical yesterday: Mary Poppins. I LOVED IT! Such a great musical. Noortje Herlaar played Mary, she was the winner in a contest and I wasn't a fan of her when I was watching the show. But when I saw her there on stage, I realized how good she was. William Spaaij played Bert. I saw him before, in the Dutch version of Grease. I liked hem then and I liked him now. The d├ęcor was amazing. It looked like a dollhouse unfolding everytime the set changed. I can't describe it, you really have to see it for yourself. The songs were all familiar, but now in Dutch. They sounded good and catchy, just like in the movie. This musical was worth every penny and me and my mom had a great day. Here are some pictures:

The theatre in Scheveningen:

Mary & Bert (alias Noortje Herlaar & Williams Spaaij) signing after the show. They signed my photobook as well:

The first thing we said to each other after the show: What's the next musical!?!?

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