zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Saying goodbye to "Lost"

This week it was time to say goodbye. We had to say goodbye to the show "Lost". I think it's good, because another season wouldn't be original anymore. But I'm sure as hell gonna miss this show. It made it to my top five of favorites TV-shows of all time. "Lost" was a one-of-a-kind show. I loved it from the beginning. And now we had to see the end of it. I loved the series finale. The part, about all the passengers being in the afterlife (or something like that) was a prediction of my brother a long time ago. I thought he was crazy, but he was right all along. They were all dead! Well, here are the great things from those final episodes:

- Hurley was the number one person to protect the island;
- Ben was his number two, he finally felt appreciated;
- Sayid finding Shannon;
- Lapidus being alive and getting Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Richard of the island;
- Vincent returned;
- Rose and Bernard returned;
- Boone returned;
- Aaron being born (again);
- Claire and Charlie found each other again
- Kate finally choosing the guy she loves the most: Jack (it wouldn't be my choice, but she made up her mind);
- Juliet and Sawyer touch and reunite;
- Jack going in to the church, realizing that he and all the other passengers are dead;
- The final scene, just beautiful.

Things that I kinda missed:
- Where were Michael and Walt?;
- Do we know what the smoke monster was all about? NO!

It was a great finale, I loved it.

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