dinsdag 25 mei 2010

CSI's best, Season 10

I really enjoyed season 10 of "CSI", and I think the fans finally accepted Ray Langston. I know, he's not Grissom, but He's cool. I like him even better, I was never a Grissom fan. I made a top five of best episodes of season 10. Kinda hard, but those five episodes really stood out for me!

# 5 - Episode 17: Irradiator
The chase for Dr. Jekyll. This was one of those episodes were I sat on the edge of my seat. Awesome excitement and great ending, with Ray being knocked out by Jekyll.

# 4 - Episode 21: Lost & Found
When I saw the promo I didn't really think much of it. But it surprised me. The outcome of the case wasn't what I expected at all. I really liked this episode.

# 3 - Episode 8: Lover's Lane
Cool story, a head found at a bowling alley. And the ending was fun, where the team is going bowling. I always like it to see the team like that.

# 2 - Episode 16: The Panty Sniffer
A lot happened in this episode. Off course the kiss between Catherine and Detective Vartan. And I loved Nick in the episode. Working with Ray on the panty sniffer case. The scene with that girl, where he blushes. Worth a million bucks!

# 1 - Episode 9: Appendicitement
My favorite of the season! I loved the roadtrip the boys made and then the case they had to work on. With the man with the racoon on his face. Really a one of a kind episode.

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