zondag 16 mei 2010

Why do we love Nick Stokes?

Recently I made a list of my favorite things about Dean Winchester from "Supernatural". Well, I made a similar list about another favorite of mine. "CSI" is my all time favorite show and Nick Stokes is my CSI! Here's the list:

... because he's a people's person
... because he has a killer smile
... because he looks good with sunglasses on
... because he's good with kids
... because he's a true friend
... because he's a caring man
... because he's a charmer
... because you can still make him blush (Season 10 episode "The Panty Sniffer")
... because of his ring (we still don't know what it means)
... because he knows how to handle a gun
... because he knows how to have fun
... because he's a good teacher and he gives great advice
... because he isn't affraid to show his emotions
... because he likes sports
... because he looks good in every single thing he wears
... just because he's Nick Stokes!!

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