vrijdag 24 september 2010

Lifehouse, finally!!!

I've been a fan of Lifehouse since day 1. Their first hit, "Hanging By a Moment", came out in 2001 here in The Netherlands. After that, they never had a hit in my country, but I followed them on the internet an bought their CD's (the second one "Stanley Climbfall", is my favorite). This year "Halfway Gone" came out here and now "All In" is a hit in The Netherlands. I never saw them live, but september 22th I finally did. It was AWESOME!! They opened with "All In". They did hits like "Spin", "Broken", "You and Me", "First Time" and "Hanging By a Moment". They played some new songs from "Smoke & Mirrors". They ended with "Everything", which gave me goosebumps. Sadly enough they didn't play "Blind", my favorite Lifehouse song, but it was still a great concert. My brother liked it too, I think he's a fan now. Here are some pictures. Not very good quality, because it was very dark, but I do have a good memory.

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