maandag 11 oktober 2010

Best of... Matt Damon

It's been a while, but I've been so busy. I decided to make another best of list, this time with Matt Damon. A very charming and succesful actor who I come to love over the years. Here are my favorites.

"Good Will Hunting"
His big break. He wrote it and starred in it. His character is so interesting and you like him right away. I love the story and I adore Will. Great film.

"Saving Private Ryan"
I always thought this movie was a little bit overrated, but it's still a great film. Matt plays Private Ryan, the guy they're looking for. Beautifully filmed and a very good story.

"The Talented Mr. Ripley"
Again a very brilliant character, but also a bit creepy. Matt Damon does a wonderfull job in this film.

"The Bourne Trilogy"
I love these movies. Super exciting. I can't really say which one is my favorite, but I guess it's the first one. Because he's still figuring out who he is and that's nerve wrecking!! The other two had more action in it and a lot of running. I love a running Matt Damon....

"The Brothers Grimm"
Maybe not a favorite of most people, but I've always loved fairytale like stories. Together with Heath Ledger, Damon forms a great duo. This movie is a visual treat, I liked it.

"The Departed"
AWESOME!!! Matt is the bad guy, sort of, but still you love him (I didn't root for him though, because I sympathized DiCaprio's character more). The story is intruiging and nothing is what it seems. Wonderfull film, one of the best movies of the decade.

Beautiful!! Loved it. I only saw it once, but I could recommened this one.

I think this list would be longer if I saw: "The Informant", "Invictus" and "Green Zone". I really want to see them, I really have to actually. And the upcoming Coen Brothers film "True Grit" looks great as well. You probably miss the Ocean's films on my list. Other then Damon, Clooney and Pitt, there is nothing really interesting going on in those movies. Sorry.

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