woensdag 17 september 2014

In the Picture: The Characters from "American Hustle"

“American Hustle” is a movie filled with interesting characters. Seductive, sleezy, crazy, sly, beautiful, you name it. So this movie is perfect for my item “In the Picture”. Here are the characters from “American Hustle”.

Irving Rosenfeld
Played by: Christian Bale
Irving Rosenfeld is a con artist. He is married and has adopted his wife’s son Danny. Even though he once loved his wife, his heart lies with Sydney.

Sydney Prosser
Played by: Amy Adams
Sydney Prosser is also a con artist and she works together with Irving. Sydney has improved Irving’s scams. She loves Irving, even though he isn’t the best looking man. Sydney is smart and she can be seductive to get what she wants. She also tries to manipulate Richie, distancing herself from Irving.

Richie DiMaso
Played by: Bradley Cooper
Richie is an FBI agent and catches Irving and Sydney in a loan scam. He offers to release them if Irving can line up for additional arrests. Richie starts working with Irving and Sydney and get a bit overeager.

Rosalyn Rosenfeld
Played by: Jennifer Lawrence
Rosalyn is Irving’s wife. She doesn’t work and is a bit crazy. Rosalyn has threatened Irving to tell everything to the cops if he ever left her. She know Irving has a thing for Sydney, but believes he would never leave her for Sydney.

Mayor Carmine Polito
Played by: Jeremy Renner
Carmine Polito is the Mayor and he befriends Irving. What he doesn’t know is that he’s being set up by him, Sydney and Richie. Carmine is a real family man and has never done anything to hurt his family.
Favorite Character: Carmine Polito

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