donderdag 2 maart 2017

Top 5 Thursday: Movies I Wacthed for My Challenge (February 2016)

What a good movie month! Let’s see which were my favorite for the month of February.

5. Stoker
A weird film, but weird in a very good way. A movie that was overlooked or at least didn’t get enough praise. The performances are great and the cinematography is pure art.

4. Manchester By the Sea
Not a happy story, it’s actually quite depressing. But “Manchester By the Sea” is an amazing drama. Casey Affleck proofs he can easily carry a film, especially now that he has taken home the Academy Award for best leading actor. Well deserved!

3. Colonia
The story interested me and I loved “Colonia”. This movie doesn’t get the praise it really deserves, because a lot of people just haven’t seen it. It flew pretty much under the radar. Sad, because “Colonia” is such a good film.

2. Anatomy of a Murder
My New Year’s resolution of watching more classic films is still going strong. I’m a fan of James Stewart, he is one of my favorite classic actors. I loved him in “Anatomy of a Murder”, which can easily be called THE courtroom drama.

1. Control
Director Anton Corbijn did such a fantastic job with “Control”. It’s such a good portrait of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. The way it was filmed, the way the story is told. Bravo!

They Almost Made the Top 5: Safety Not Guaranteed, Glengarry Glen Ross, Selma

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