zaterdag 2 september 2017

100 Movie Challenge 2017 - # 96: Don't Breathe

Director: Fede Alvarez
Genre: Thriller/ Crime/ Horror
Runtime: 88 minutes
Year: 2016
Starring: Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Emma Bercovici, Franciska Töröcsik, Christian Zagia, Katia Bokor, Sergej Onopko, Olivia Gillies, Dayna Clark

Description: Hoping to walk away with a massive fortune, a trio of thieves break into the house of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who isn't as helpless as he seems.

Review: “Don’t Breathe” is director’s Fede Alvarez second movie. The “Evil Dead” remake was his first and he surprised everybody with actually creating a solid horror remake. In “Don’t Breathe” we don’t get a blood bath, chainsaws or possessed teens, but a breaking and entering and lots of suspense.
Teen girl Rocky hates her life with her terrible mother. She kills her days by breaking into houses and steal. Rocky is planning on stealing enough to flee to California with her little sister. Her friends might have that way out. Alex knows his way around alarm systems and the street smart Money know the right addresses. They get a tip for the house of an old blind man, who hides a fortune inside. It sounds like an easy job, but the man isn’t as helpless as the three assume.
The scene of the crime is introduced with one long shot. The camera goes through the dark hallways and rooms. The spaces are used to build up the tension and it works. This looks really impressive. Because the home owner is blind, his hearing is extra sharp. That’s where the true cat and mouse game unfolds. No cheap jump scares, inventive ways of using sound and light effects, a lot of tension.
“Don’t Breathe” doesn’t focus on the line between good and evil, it just touches that theme lightly: Burglars aren’t per definition bad, the home owner is always just the victim. And the film has a very unpleasant twist. “Don’t Breathe” is an excellent film, that kept me on the edge of my seat. It feels fresh and inspiring, it’s a good and solid horror thriller.

Rating: 4/ 5

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