donderdag 28 december 2017

100 Movie Challenge 2017 - # 135: The Lost City of Z

Director: James Gray
Genre: Adventure/ Action/ Drama
Runtime: 140 minutes
Year: 2016
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland

Description: A true-life drama, centering on British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), who disappeared while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon in the 1920s.

Review: It’s never without danger, but this expedition can clear his name, which was brought to him by his alcoholic father. Colonel Percy Fawcett is send to the heart of the Amazone, t show the Bolivians and Brazilians where the borders are. He isn’t there to explore, but when Percy arrives that’s exactly what he’s going to do. And there starts his search for a mysterious city.
During this expedition, which starts in 1906, Percy discovers unique archeological proof of an ancient civilization. Although his fellow British men see themselves superior of any other folk, Percy is determined to find the lost city of Z.
Director James Gray based “The Lost City of Z” on the book by journalist David Grann, who did research about one of the most well know English explorers. It’s an interesting story, with a lot of potential.
The film excels when we tag along with Percy on his magical quest. And Charlie Hunnam manages to portray a very charismatic Percy Fawcett. And Robert Pattinson is an interesting side kick.
The moments that he isn’t in the Amazone, are not as interesting and tend to drag a bit. Sienna Miller is an excellent actress, but she really doesn’t have a lot to do, as Percy’s wife. This makes the emotional moments a little bland as well.
“The Lost City of Z” is an overlooked film, I never hear anyone about this movie.

Rating: 3,5/ 5

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