maandag 4 mei 2009

Movie Tip #22 - V for Vendetta

Director: James McTeigue

Starring: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Stephen Rea, John Hurt, Stephen Fry, James Purefoy

Description: In the not too distant future, Britain is filled with torture cells, unfair punishments, prejudice against minorities. However in the mist of all this chaos, one man known only by the name V (Hugo Weaving) dares to stand up to the government and is labeled as a terrorist. One night V rescues a mild young woman called Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) and an unlikely bond between the two emerges which results with Evey becoming Vs ally. But though V may be charismatic and have a passion for justice he also is bitter and has his own personal hatred of the government for something they did to him long ago. As November the 5th, the day V says he and those who will follow him will stand up to the government once and for all approaches, Detective Finch (Stephen Rea) becomes more and more determined to uncover the truth about V, however his search leads him to ask to question whether or not he is on the right side.

Review: I have the say that this is far out one of the best new movies I have seen over the past five years. It's a bloody masterpiece!!! The character V is very interesting and his quotes are just genious. Hugo Weaving, allthough we never see his face, did a brilliant job portaying him. He created a character you will never forget. I love this man! Natalie Portman is also wonderfull in this film. Especially the scenes where she's in prison. Very intens an believable. The chemistry between those two is absolutely amazing. I've read reviews of people who think it's a bad adaptation of the novel, but these movies are not made for the ones who love the book. They are made for the ones who love movies! So, I highly recommened you this movie, and anyone who tells you otherwise.... don't listen. It's just brilliant!!!

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