woensdag 17 juni 2009

Prison (the final) Break

I saw the last episode of "Prison Break" this weekend. It's really sad that it had to end, I really loved that show. But I liked the final episode. Very exciting. I really tought Lincoln was going to die. He got shot and then his assumed mother Christina stuck her pump in his wound. That's not really nice is it. But Lincoln got to live (thank God). I really liked the fact that Sara shot Christina, because she sucked. Kellerman was actually the big hero of that episode, because he was the one that got them out and made them free men again. T-Bag going back to jail was also great. He's a weird and creepy man (alltough he seems very nice in real life). The last part of the episode was my favourite. Skipping four years we see what happened to all of them. Sara has a son, Michael; Lincoln and Sofia live together in Panama; LJ is back in school; Alex and Felicia are together; Sucre lives a happy life with his wife and daughter; T-Bag is in jail; Don Self is a vegetable. At the end we see Sara, Michael jr., Lincoln, Alex and Sucre standing in front of a grave; Michael Scofields grave..... Sad, but a very beautiful series ending. A great end to a great show. I'm gonna miss those guys.

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