zondag 21 maart 2010

Best movies about sisters/ girlfriends

Yes, another list! I decided to make a list of movies where it's all about sisterhood and friendships between women. Here are my favorites, in random order:

{Atonement} The connection between sisters Briony and Cecilia Talis is strong at first. But the younger Briony has a fancyful imagionation and screws up that relationship. It'll never be the same again.

{Sunshine Cleaning} Rose and Norah are very different women, but they are sisters. They start a crime scene clean up business together and try to deal with their own lives. I love the scene with the matress.

{Pride & Prejudice} Elizabeth has four sisters, but Jane is the only one she can always rely on. They're also best friends and companions. I really like the part where the two sisters are talking to each other, under the sheets, about Mr. Bingley.

{Now and Then} It's the girly version of "Stand By Me", about four girls who grew up together. They experience life together.

{Little Women} A beautiful story about four sisters, during the Civil War. Love, death, trust and family.

{The Other Boleyn Girl} "She is my sister. And therefore, one half of me" Mary Boleyn says. Even if the older sister Anne stabs you in the back to get what she wants. That's real sisterhood ;)

{Sense & Sensibility} Again two totally different sister with a very strong bond. They are opposites, but no one can destroy their sisterhood and friendship.

{The Jane Austen Book Club} A great group of friends, who have something in common: a passion for Jane Austen books. Together they discuss the stories but also their own lives: divorce, love, dissapointment and seduction.

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