zondag 21 maart 2010

Eight new episodes

As of April 1st, CBS is going to air 8 new CSI episodes. I can't wait. In The Netherlands I'll have to wait a while for it to be on TV, but I'm not going to wait. I watch them online! CBS.com uploaded a promo video, what to expect from these episodes. It looks awesome. Things that I think are going to happen:
- Catherine and Vartann are getting it on;
- Dr. Jekyll is back again;
- Someone gets hurt (I think it's Langston, hit by a piece of wood);
- Wendy and Hodges share a kiss;
- Archie is going to work in the field;
- Nick.... well nothing special there, but I can't leave him out.
All awesome!!!!
Here's a link to the video on youtube:

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