dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Best of... Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins is one of my top 5 favorite actors, number 4 to be exact. I can't really explain why this man is so good, he just kinda has it. And thinking about it he made a lot of great movies. Here are my favorite Tim Robbins films.

"Jacob's Ladder"
One of the most disturbing movies I ever saw. The spinning heads and that crazy party scene. It kept me awake for days. But it's so damn good and Tim is awesome in it.

"The Player"
This is one of those underappreciated movies. Most people like it, but it never got the attention that it deserved. I remember buying this movie on VHS, not knowing what to expect. And when I watched I wasn't blown away by it, but I enjoyed it and I watch it severel times after that first time. Lots of famous faces in it but Robbins being the big star. It deserves a place in my list.

"Bull Durham"
Just one of those fun baseball movies, which also has Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon in it as the leading characters. I just like it, just because...

"The Shawshank Redemption"
Only the best movie ever, in my opinion. And we've got Tim Robbins to thank for that (him and of course Morgan Freeman). I don't know where to start to tell you how great this film is. There are still people that have never seen it! Shame on you, watch it.

"Arlington Road"
Edge on you seat exciting! I rented this movie when it first came out. Robbins plays this creepy terrorist neighbour, he steals ever scene he's in. And the ending is awesome, the bad guy wins.

"High Fidelity"
Just like "The Shawshank Redemption", this one is in my top 10 of favorite movies (number 3) of all time. The top fives Rob Gordon makes for everything and how he looks back on his life. Tim as the weird, excentric Ian, is great. I love the scene were Rob and Ian meet each other in the record store and Rob thinks of ways to get him. Very funny.

Not a very well known movie, but it's actually very good. Tim Robbins plays this evil boss who owns a computer company or something like that. Very exciting film.

"War of the Worlds"
He's only in a couple of scenes, but he does it like he did before in "Arlington Road". He's a scene stealer. The ending of this film is a bit disappointing, but then again, Tim Robbins isn't there anymore for that part of the movie.

"Mystic River"
Again a wonderfull movie with Robbins having the best part. He won a Academy Award for his role as Dave Boyle and he really deserved it. This movie has a sad ending for him, but wasn't this whole character just very sad?

Now, after making the list, I know why Tim Robbins is so great: he's a scene stealer. He always gets all the attention, when sometimes he doesn't even have the leading role.

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