zaterdag 14 mei 2011

CSI's Best, Season 11

Like last year, I will make a list of my favorite CSI episode of the season. Last thursday was the season finale and we all know now there's going to be a 12th season (jumping up and down of joy). I have to say it was a pretty good season, although the season finale wasn't as amazing as I hoped it would be. But there's plenty more to choose from. Here is my top five of season 11 episodes.

# 5 - Episode 5: House of Hoarders
The episode about a hoarding woman that hid more in her house then just stuff. I liked Greg, Nick and Sara working together in the house and I also liked the fact that it was Sara's theory against Nick's.

# 4 - Episode 1: Shock Waves
I think this is one of the best season openers CSI has ever had. I don't say Justin Bieber is the one who made it happen, but it was an explosive episode (OMG, I didn't just say that). It was awesome.

# 3 - Episode 18: Hitting of the Cycle
Multiple cases, I always like that. And it's a little different, because the CSI's are betting on who is going to find the victim who died of natural causes. The ending is great, go Doc and David!

# 2 - Episode 15: Targets of Obsession
Jason McCann returns and he's making it personal. I liked the scene where Nick, Catherine, Vartann and Skip the bomb-guy went into that building, which was filled with boobytraps. And Nick shooting Justin Bieber, almost a classic CSI scene.

# 1 - Episode 19: Unleashed
When I read the synopsis of this episode, I thought it would be a standard episode. And Lady Heather returning wasn't really something I needed as a CSI fan. When I watched, I immediately titled it as my favorite of the season. Especially because of its secondary case, with the 17-year girl who committed suicide because she was the victim of cyberbullying. It was such a great episode, we basically have to thank George Eads for that. He was amazing.

The episodes I also loved, but just didn't make my top five: Episode 2: Pool Shark, Episode 8: Fracked, Episode 9: Wild Life and Episode 10: 418/ 427. Now I just have to wait for season 12.... That's going to be really hard.

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