maandag 18 augustus 2014

In the Picture: The Characters from "The Lego Movie"

I wasn't too sure about "The Lego Movie", but when I heard so many great things about it, I became curious. So I saw it and I loved it! And now I feel like watching it again... But first, I'm going to share all the awesome characters from "The Lego Movie" with you. It's filled with them, because 'Everything is awesome... lalalala'!

Voiced by: Chris Pratt
Emmet is an average Lego minifigure, who is mistakenly identiefied as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is ordinary and follows all the rules. He’s sucked into the eventful life of Wyldstyle, who catches Emmet’s attention.

Voiced by: Elizabeth Banks
Wyldstyle is a free spirit who loves pushing boundaries and being creative. She is strong and independent. She believes Emmet is the “Special” and sparks fly between them, but she has a boyfriend.

Voiced by: Morgan Freeman
Vitruvius is an ancient and heroic wizard, who prophesizes that a “Special” wil defeat Lord Business and become the greatest Master Builder. When it’s believed to be Emmet, Vitruvius tries to teach him that the key to true building is to believe in yourself.

President Business/ Lord Business
Voiced by: Will Ferrell
President Business is an uptight CEO who has a hard time balancing world domination with micro-managing his own life. His successful business contains creating music, TV, surveillance systems, history books and voting machines, dairy and overprized coffee. His secret identity is Lord Business, an evil tyrant who want to take over the entire Lego universe.

Good Cop/ Bad Cop
Voiced by: Liam Neeson
He is Lord Business’s number 1 guy, whom he can always rely on. He has both a good and a bad side, but Lord Business takes away the good side. But deep down there is still a good cop.

Voiced by: Nick Offerman
Metalbeard is a fierce Master Builder. He has the head of a pirate and the body of a multi-purpose utility knife. All he wants is to beat Lord Business, because the last time he badly failed.

Voiced by:
Alison Brie Unikitty is from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capitol of rainbows and puppies. She is half unicorn, half kitten. She loves dancing and is very positive. Unikitty is happy to follow her Master Builders in the quest to defeat Lord Business. And you really don’t want to make her angry.

Voiced by: Charlie Day
Benny is a ‘70s era spaceman, who suffers from a cracked helmet and lack of oxygen. He loves spaceships and he is always finding a moment to build one. And when he finally can….

Voiced by: Will Arnett
Batman makes it no secret he prefers working alone, since he could probably get the job done better and faster. He is Wyldstyles’ boyfriend, is very confident and likes to show off his skills and coolness.
Favorite: Emmet

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