maandag 4 augustus 2014

Movie Moments: "Jumanji"

I remember seeing this movie for the first time when I was a kid. It was a childhood friend’s birthday and we watched it on their couch with a big bowl of popcorn (well I don’t remember if that last part is true, but that’s how I picture it in my head). It was such a fun film. Although the special effects aren’t all that great, come on those monkeys look pretty fake, it’s still an entertaining film. I still enjoy it. Here are my favorite scenes from “Jumanji”.

Moment # 1: Alan finds a board game
After he’s just been beaten up by some kids, Alan hears drums. It’s coming from a construction site. When he follows the sound, he sees it’s a board game called ‘Jumanji’. He takes it with him, not yet knowing the consequences.

Moment # 2: Alan and Sarah play ‘Jumanji’
After his mom and dad have left, Sarah knocks on Alan’s door. Sarah is a girl Alan is in love with. He invites her for a board game, when she really isn’t that into games. Sarah agrees on playing. Soon they see this isn’t your ordinary game. After throwing 7, they start hearing a weird sound from the fireplace. Bats come flying out of it. And if that wasn’t scary enough Alan is sucked into the game, which leaves Sarah screaming and running for her life.

Moment # 3: Peter and Judy find the game
Peter and Judy, two kids now living in the old Parrish house, are ready for school. When their aunt leaves, they hear drums. They follow the sound and find the board game ‘Jumanji’. They decide to play it and soon they find out it’s nothing like any other board game they ever played. Mosquito’s, monkeys, a lion and grown up Alan Parrish appear. They have freed him from the game he was sucked into so many years ago.

Moment # 4: Peter, Judy and Alan play
Alan tells the kids the game has to be finished. When they start playing, they realize it’s not going to work, unless Sarah joins them too. And that’s not going to be easy.

Moment # 5: Jungle plants
Sarah has joined Alan, Peter and Judy against her will. It’s her turn and after her turn, the Parrish house turns into a jungle, filled with big, bright and beautiful flowers. But don’t let looks deceive you, they are quite dangerous.

Moment # 6: Stampede
It sounds like thunder, but… an enormous stampede of wild animals comes through the library and chases the foursome through the house. They manage to get away, but a pelican steals the board game.

Moment # 7: Peter tries to cheat
Because Peter is close to the finish line, he tries to cheat his way out of the game. But the game knows and as a punishment, turns Peter into a little monkey.

Moment # 8: Sir-Sav-A-Lot
Judy, Peter and Sarah go to a store, because that’s where the game is. And Van Pelt, who wants to take them down. But look out Van Pelt, you’re not safe either!

Moment # 9: Just a little rain
Finally back at the house, that has turned into a jungle, they continue the game. After throwing the dice, it starts to rain, but really poor out. And it also brings s crocodile.

Moment # 10: Quicksand and spiders After the rain has stopped, the four go up to the attic. And the next thing: quicksand. Alan is sucked in the floor and Sarah manages to grab him. But they are stuck and big spiders join them too.

Moment # 11: The game ends
One more shot, Alan has one more shot to end the game. When he throws the right number and says ‘Jumanji’, everything will go back to normal. And it does!
Favorite Moment: Moment # 3: Peter and Judy find the game

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