zondag 3 mei 2015

Movie Trailer Sunday (188)

Here are this weeks trailers.

Description: Identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray (Tom Hardy) terrorize London during the 1950s and 1960s.
Director: Brian Helgeland
Starring: Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Taron Egerton, David Thewlis, Chazz Palminteri
Trailer: Trailer "Legend"
Comment: I love Tom Hardy, now we get two!!

Irrational Man
Description: A tormented philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.
Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Parker Posey, Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Jamie Blackley
Comment: Woody Allen can Always go into two directions, but mostly I love his work.

Description: A family finds their dull life in a rural outback town rocked after their two teenage children disappear into the desert, sparking disturbing rumors of their past.
Director: Kim Farrant
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving
Comment: Yeah, Australia!

The Last Witch Hunter
Description: The last remaining witch hunter battles against an uprising of witches in modern day New York.
Director: Breck Eisner
Starring: Elijah Wood, Michael Caine, Vin Diesel, Julie Engelbrecht, Rose Leslie, Olafur Darri Olafsson
Comment: This looks pretty cool, let's hope it will be.

Description: Recently divorced, newly rich, and utterly miserable, Danny (Kevin Corrigan) would seem to be the perfect test subject for a definitive look at the relationship between money and happiness. Danny’s well-funded ennui is interrupted by a momentous trip to the local gym, where he meets self-styled guru/owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) and irresistibly acerbic trainer Kat (Cobie Smulders). Soon, their three lives are inextricably knotted, both professionally and personally.
Director: Andrew Bujalski
Starring: Giovanni Ribisi, Kevin Corrigan, Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, Brooklyn Decker, Anthony Michael Hall, Tishuan Scott
Comment: Looks like fun, but not special.

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