dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

100 Movie Challenge 2015 - # 136: Masters of Horror - Family

Director: John Landis
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 59 minutes
Year: 2006
Starring: George Wendt, Meredith Monroe, Matt Keeslar, Haley Guiel, Kerry Sandomirsky, John B. Scott, Nancy Whyte, Emily Tennan, Emily Hope, Aleita Northey, Frances Flanagan & Donald R. Mintz

Description: Harold (George Wendt) is a seemingly peaceful neighbor in a quiet midwestern neighborhood, but underneath, he's a murderous psychopath who sets his eyes on a couple (Meredith Monroe, Matt Keeslar) that have moved in across the street.

Review: When David and Celia movie into a new neighborhood and in a drunk mood knock over their neighbor’s mailbox, they meet Harold. He seems lonely, but nothing is as it seems. He has a family, Harold made it himself. He kills to eventually keep the skeletons. Harold dresses them up and even talks to them. His ‘wife’ is boring him and now he has his eyes on Celia. David and Celia invite him over for dinner and from that moment on things are going wrong.
Wendt is fun to watch in his role. He looks friendly and likeable, has a nice house, looks normal and is actually hardly noticeable. Harold could be anyone’s neighbor. Matt Keeslar and Meredith Monroe, as David and Celia, do a solid job.
The story is the most fun. The plot if perfect to fill an hour and as a viewer you’re constant curious of what’s going to happen next. It has a Hitchcock feel.
“Family” is never really scary, but I think director John Landis never intended that. It’s has a light atmosphere. There is a little gore in the film, but it’s easy to watch. And the movie has a fun twist, that you probably won’t see coming.
“Family” is probably a film that you won’t remember for long, because it’s simple. But it’s a fun film and it’s enjoyable to watch.

Rating: 3,5/ 5

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