vrijdag 12 februari 2016

Best & Worst: Matthew McConaughey

I used to hate Matthew McConaughey as an actor, but the past years he has delivered and proved he has serious acting chops. It’s also his choice of film nowadays and the fabulous performance he delivered in the TV show “True Detective”. Here are my best and worst picks.
A movie that doesn’t have a lot of action or spectacle, but it has the great performance by Matthew McConaughey. When you read the synopsis, it’s not that interesting so this movie really took me by surprise. It’s really good!
Honorable Mentions: “Dallas Buyers Club”, “The Lincoln Lawyer”, “A Time to Kill”, “Killer Joe”, “Amistad”, “Contact”
One of those stupid, dumb, cheesy, predictable romantic comedies. I hate this movie and the fact that Jennifer Lopez is in it has nothing to do with that hate. At all (*sarcasm*). Even then, in the time McConaughey mostly did movies like this, he deserved better.
Dishonorable Mentions: “Failure to Launch”, “Fool’s Gold”, “Two For the Money”

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