donderdag 10 maart 2016

Top 5 Thursday: TV Gal Pals

Well, sisters before misters. I have the two best girlfriends in the world, but what about our favorite friends on TV, the best gal pals? Here is my pick, my five favorite TV gal pals.

5. Robin Sherbatsky & Lily Aldrin (“How I Met Your Mother”)
Lily and Robin are both not the mother in the title, but they are still best friends. As fans we have gotten to see their friendship grow. While Lily has been in a long term relationship with Marshall and Robin has had a couple of boyfriends, the two always leaned on each other.
4. Brooke Davis & Peyton Sawyer (“One Tree Hill”)
From the beginning, Brooke and Peyton have been best friends. Brooke is a popular cheerleader and Peyton started out that way too. But there is more to both of them. Both have artistic qualities, Peyton with music and her art and Brooke in fashion. Although very different from each other in how they look at life, both have relied on each other.
3. Jess Day & Cece Parekh (“New Girl”)
Cece and Jess met as children. They always stayed friends, even when they both chose a complete different path in life. Cece and Jess have been through plenty together and they are overprotective over each other. Cece would never let any guy hurt Jess and Jess helps Cece always making her feel great about herself.
2. Meredith Grey & Cristina Yang (“Grey’s Anatomy”)
Meredith and Cristina have been friends since the first episode. They are each other’s ‘person’. This started when Cristina needed to fill out her medical release forms and she put Meredith down as her emergency contact. There are not mushy about their friendship, but they will always be there for each other.
1. Monica Gellar, Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay (“Friends”)
This is actually a group of six,, but just the girls it’s three. And many people say that three is a bad number in a friendship, but I disagree. I also am part of a group of three and it’s perfect. And Monica, Rachel and Phoebe proof it too. All so different, but understanding towards each other and always there for one another.
They Almost Made the Top 5: Ann Perkins & Leslie Knope (“Parks & Recreation), Penny, Amy & Bernadetta (“The Big Bang Theory”), Aria, Emily, Hanna & Spencer (“Pretty Little Liars”)

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