vrijdag 4 november 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Movies I Watched For My Challenge (October 2016)

I didn’t see many great film. But I did manage to create this monthly top 5 for you. Here are my favorite films I watched in October, for my challenge. (Sorry, I'm a day late)

5. Black Water
I always like creature features. It’s not spectacular, but with the low budget they had it looks really good and professional.

4. Trick ‘r Treat
A surprisingly fun and original horror flick, didn’t expect that. This could be one of those films that I will see every Halloween.

3. Sully
Not one of Tom Hanks’ best film, but again a fantastic performance. If the movie was longer, it would’ve been boring, but the film had the perfect length to stay interesting the entire runtime.

2. The Monster Squad
A film that every eighties kid will love, guarantee. It’s “The Goonies” meets “The Lost Boys” meets “Ghostbusters” meets “The Little Rascals”. It’s full of nostalgia.

1. The Neon Demon
This movie had been on my to-watch list for a while, because I’m a big fan of director Nicholas Winding Refn’s “Drive”. The movie is stylish, intelligent, scary and disturbing. Definitely a movie you should give a go.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Danish Girl

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