zaterdag 7 januari 2017

100 Movie Challenge 2017 - # 3: The French Connection

Director: William Friedkin
Genre: Crime/ Thriller/ Action
Runtime: 104 minutes
Year: 1971
Starring: Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider, Fernando Rey, Tony Lo Bianco, Marcel Bozzuffi, Frederic de Pasquale, Bill Hickman, Ann Rebbot, Harold gary, Arlene Farber, Eddie Egan, Andre Ernotte, Sonny Grosso, Benny Marino, Patrick McDermott

Description: A pair of NYC cops in the Narcotics Bureau stumble onto a drug smuggling job with a French connection.

Review: Popeye Doyle is a workaholic with a past. He traces a big drug transaction. Together with his partner Buddy Rosso he works day and night to catch the dealers. The find a Frenchman, who appears to be the big man behind this drug cartel. But “Frog One” (his nickname) knows the cops are after him. A dangerous cat and mouse game unravels.
The most legendary scene, and with that the best scene of the film, is a car chase. Where Doyle follows a train, because one of the men he wants to catch is on it.
The dialogues are mostly improvised and Gene Hackman is really strong in his role as Doyle. Director William Friedkin did a great job with “The French Connection”.

Rating: 4,5/ 5

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