donderdag 16 februari 2017

100 Movie Challenge 2017 - # 27: Night Shift

Director: Ron Howard
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 106 minutes
Year: 1982
Starring: Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton, Shelley Long, Clint Howard

Description: A morgue attendant (Henry Winkler) is talked into running a brothel at his workplace after a deceased pimp is sent there. However, the pimp's killers don't look too kindly on this new 'business', nor does the morgue's owner.

Review: “Night Shift” will not be in the AFI’s top 100 list, but it is funny. Chuck works in a morgue. His friend Bill talks him into running a brothel at his workplace, after a deceased pimp is sent there. Silly story, but pretty original if you ask me.
Why is this movie funny? I got two words: Michael Keaton! He is hilarious. His character Bill is very annoying, but Keaton made him loveable. Henry Winkler is okay and so is Shelley Long, but the constantly stand in Keaton’s shadow.
The plot is a bit silly, like I stated before. And the film targets a 17 to 25 year old male audience. “Night Shift” probably doesn’t hold up as well, its typical eighties humor.

Rating: 3/ 5

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