donderdag 9 februari 2017

Top 5 Thursday: 2017 Movies I’m Looking Forward to

We are two months into the new year and a lot of great movies are ahead. And it looks promising. Here are the five films I’m looking forward to the most.

5. Kong: Skull Island
I really loved Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” and I enjoyed “Godzilla”. Gareth Edwards, who directed “Godzilla”, also firected “Kong: Skull Island” and that excited me the most. The trailer looks amazing and the cast is really good.

4. Beauty and the Beast
I have never been a fan of the Disney princess films, but “Beauty and the Beast” was different for me. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with this animated film and Belle was my hero. She was so far ahead of her time, intelligent, well read and kind hearted. When I finally saw the trailer for this live action film, my heart skipped a beat. It looks so good and so similar to the animation. I swear, if this film isn’t good I’m going to eat my shoe.

3. Logan
That trailer really got me, especially with the Johnny Cash song. It looks like a gritty and sober film and I’m seriously excited to see “Logan”. It looks better than all the other Wolverine spin-off movies.

2. A Cure For Wellness
It’s all so mysterious and creepy. It got my attention immediately. I really don’t want to know any details before I see the actual film.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
“Guardians of the Galaxy” was such a huge surprise and it ended up being my favorite film of that year. So clearly I’m super excited for the sequel. All of our favorite Marvel heroes return to fight the galaxy. The trailer showed us amazing spectacle, humor and again an awesome soundtrack. Oh, and baby Groot.

They Almost Made the Top 5: The Zookeeper’s Wife, Life, The Circle, War for the Planet of the Apes, Alien: Covenant

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