donderdag 27 juli 2017

100 Movie Challenge 2017 - # 87: Baby Driver

Director: Edgar Wright
Genre: Action/ Crime
Runtime: 113 minutes
Year: 2017
Starring: Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jamie Foxx, Flea

Description: After being coerced into working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), a young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.

Review: Before I start this review, I have to state that director Edgar Wright is a genius. And as for many geniuses, the big crowd doesn’t understand him. His previous films (like “Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End”) are examples of how a movie is perfectly edited. His films are never box office hits and he never seems to click with the average moviegoer. In my opion: Edgar Wright is one of the best directors of the moment.
Because of a constant ringing in his ear, Baby listens to music non-stop. That makes music not only a big part of the film, but also the story. Everything is accompanied by the music: every shot, movement, rhythm. And because of Wright’s perfect editing skills, “Baby Driver” is an amazingly synchronized and choreographed film. And that without it distracting from the actual story. Every song fits the scene like a glove and sounds like it belongs there.
Does the film have flaws? Off course, but they are so miniscule. Probably the motives of the characters, but that would be nitpicking.
The film opens with an amazing chase scene, where we see what Baby can do. One giant chunk of adrenaline.
When I saw the trailer for “Baby Driver”, I was sceptic about Ansel Elgort as the leading man. But boy did he surprise me. In a good way! Jon Hamm as Buddy and Jamie Foxx as Bats (the last being one of the most annoying characters of this year, I constantly wanted to slap him in the face) are also worth mentioning. The chemistry between Ansel Elgort and his on-screen love interest Lily James is very strong. Some might say it’s a bit too sweet, but it’s forgivable.
The script is simple, yet Edgar Wright turns it into what I can call the best film of 2017 so far.

Rating: 5/ 5

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Deepak Yadav zei

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John Veggy zei

When I saw the trailer for “Baby Driver”, I was sceptic about Ansel Elgort as the leading man. But boy did he surprise me. In a good way!

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