zondag 14 december 2008

Sanra Claus is coming....

It's almost Christmas. This is always a very busy period. We already decorated our tree, so that's done. But now we have to buy gifts (which isn't easy, especially when one never makes a Christmas list). We don't have to buy gifts, but I always like to buy something nice for my family and friends. And they do the same for me. This week I'm going Christmas shopping. I already got some good ideas for my brother, he's the easy one.
Tuesday I have a Christmas breakfast at the school that I work on. Very early in the mornig!!! But it's nice to share this with my collegues.
I'm in the Christmas mood and I'm really looking forward to it. And I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, because I never had one. Here in The Netherlands it doesn't snow very often. We did have a white eastern though (that was weird) and two weeks ago we also had snow, but never snow on Christmas day. I just keep hoping that it will happen this year.

X Joyce

PS.Oh... don't forget.... tommorow I will post another movie tip for you!!

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