zaterdag 6 december 2008


Every year, on december 5th, we celebrate Sinterklaas (a dutch holiday). With my parents and my brother Frank we exchange gifts. It's a lot like "Secret Santa". This year I had to buy gifts for my dad. Not easy. We could all spend 15 Euro's. I bought him a nice blouse and face-shaped-candy. He was happy with it!!! My brother had my list. I got a giftcard, a new calender and a DVD. It was "Jurassic Park". One of the best movies ever made and now I can add it to my collection. I didn't expect that last gift, at all. But I'm very happy with it. After the gifts, we had dinner. It was a lovely evening. I always love these days, that I can spend with my family. That's why I'm always looking forward to Christmas. That's also something that is gonna happen this weekend. The tree is coming....

X Joyce

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