zaterdag 4 juli 2009

Andy in final

Yes, he did it again. Andy Roddick made it to the finals of Wimbledon. Thank God he defeated Andy Murray, because I really think he's an arrogant guy. With the screaming and yelling after every single point. When he broke Roddick's game, he acted like he allready won Wimbledon. Sucker.... The good Andy won this time! And it's going to be the third Wimbledon final for Andy. And that makes it the third time against Federer in that same final. Everyone thinks it's going to be Roger who wins it sunday, so do I. But I'm hoping for Andy. He deserves it and he's my favourite player. The crowd is probably on Federer's side, especially after Andy defeating their Brittish player. But I won't. I will keep my fingers crossed for Andy!!! Go Andy and good luck in the final!

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