maandag 27 juli 2009

You've reached 100!!!

This is my 100th post! So I tought I'd give you an update on my must- see list I gave you last month. These where the films I desperately wanted to see:
- Sunshine Cleaning;
- The Proposal;
- Terminator Salvations;
- Angels & Demons
Well I did OK, because I saw 3 out of 4. I didn't get to see "Terminator Salvations" yet, but I will. I really loved "Sunshine Cleaning" and "Angels & Demons". "The Proposal" was also good, I loved the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, but the ending was a little bit dissappointing. So here is my new list of movies I would really want to see:
- Terminator Salvations;
- The Ugly Truth;
- He's Just Not That Into You;
- Adventureland;
- The Boat That Rocked

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