dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

7 Reasons why you should watch "Supernatural"

1. The storylines The writers do a great job at writing new and surprising storylines every single episode. It keeps this show fresh and interesting.
2. The 1967 Chevy Impala Without a doubt the coolest car I've ever seen. Dean can pick me up every time in that ride!
3. The laughs Allthough it's a supernatural scary show, it brings us a lot of laughs. The two brothers make funny jokes about each other or the case that their are working on. Who doesn't like a guy with a good sense of humour?
4. Myths, legends and folklores I always loved stories like this. Stories that can't possibly be true, but still nobody proved if it's true or fiction.
5. The monsters Some monsters are even scarrier then the next. Not just how they look, but their attitude can be very spooky too. I like it that sometimes one of the monsters returns in another episode.
6. The supporting cast It's all about Dean and Sam, but they get a lot of help. Like dad John, Bobbi, Jo, Ellen, Castiel, Ruby and Gordon.
7. Sam and Dean They are, I think, the main reason why most people (read:women) watch "Supernatural. Sam is a very smart, sweet and responsible guy. you can always rely on him. Dean is funny, tough and charming. He has a big mouth and a big heart. That's the perfect combo for a kick-ass duo and a great TV-show, that you really need to watch!

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