vrijdag 30 oktober 2009


Yesterday I was very creative. I carved my first pumpkin. I never did it before, so it was an experiment. My mom works at a greenshop, so she brought me the biggest pumpkin in the shop. I checked the internet for tips and tricks and for some ideas. I thought I could make a Jack pumpkin, from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". I turns out, pumpkin carving isn't that difficult. Here's the result:

The pumpkin lit by day:

The pumpkin lit by night:

Not bad for my first pumpkin huh? Well, let Halloween begin. Actually, here in The Netherlands we don't celebrate Halloween like the Americans do. But we like it to. And I got some movie tips for you. Movies perfect for a Halloween night:
- "The Excorsist" - Still the scarriest movie I've ever seen.
- "Friday the 13th" - Jason is very scary
- "The Shining" - Jack Nicholson is avery scary psycopath
- "Halloween" - of course, THE movie for this holiday!

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