dinsdag 3 november 2009

Scarriest movies

Since it was Halloween last saturday I decided to make a list of movies that scare me, over and over again. I made a short list, because there are a lot of movies that have scary parts. But the once I'm going to show you are overall scary. Here they are:
- The Shining - Stephen King knows how to wright an exciting story. And Stanley Kubrick knows how to turn it in to an even scarrier film. The hotel is creepy, with the haunting and stuff. It drives Jack mad and from that moment things are getting more scary.
- The Exorcist - The scarriest movie I've ever seen. Especially the scene where Reagan comes down the stairs backwards, on her hands and feet. I had a lot of sleepless nights because of this film.
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The movie doesn't really scare me, but it's horrifying and sickening what happens here. Only a sick, twisted mind is capable of doing something like this.
- The Descent - Going into a cave is scary enough for me, especially when one of the girls get stuck in it. The fact that there are flesh eating creatures of the night in that cave makes it even worse. One of the best new horror movies.
- Jaws - You only see the shark after 45 minutes, but the movie is extremly scary. Even after watching it 10 times the same things scare me. So that means it's a good movie.
- The Ring - The dark tone of the film makes it exciting. That video is very scary and the girl is even scarrier.
- Halloween - John Carpenter builds up the tension, which is this movies biggest strength. Michael Myers is one of the coldest killers ever. No emotions, extremely calm and he has no mercy. Just pure evil.
- Alien - De scarriest Sci-Fi movie. Especially the scene with the man, who's stomache explodes because he was impregnated with an alien. Disgusting, but a good way to get nightmares.
- The Grudge - Just like "The Ring" it's the dark tone that makes this movie scary. The film know how to scare people and the sounds are terrifying. They will haunt you days after you watched the movie.

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