dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Down with Downey Jr.

I haven't made any new wallpapers for a long time. I had the Supernatural wallie up for a while now. I never get sick of those guys, but it was time for a fresh wallpaper. So I made one of Robert Downey Jr. That guy fascinates me everytime. I don't know what it is, but he does something to me. I'm looking forward to him in "Sherlock Holmes" which premieres this thursday here in the Netherlands. And I absolutely loved him in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. So here's the wallpaper:

I thought that was a very funny photoshoot of him. Especially the one with the TNT cigare. The letters I used are from "The Godfather". For all of you Downey Jr. fans, feel free to use it on your own computer.

And this one I made for someone else, a huge Taylor Lautner fan (I'm not a fan BTW). It's in the same style as the Robert Downey jt. wallpaper.

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