vrijdag 8 januari 2010

Silly rabbit

My rabbit Oscar really is a weird animal. When I come down in the morning, he actually greets me (just like a dog). He stand up straight and he won't stop until I say something to him. He can jump very high! He actually jumped out of his cage once. I was getting him food, so I let the lid open for a while. All of a sudden he was standing next to me. He also can have his racing moments. He starts racing trough his cage, like a stark raving made rabbit. But I read that it means that he's happy (in his case very happy, he's like roadrunner). Oscar also gives bunny kisses. He licks you (again, just like a dog). Apparently that means that he's comfortable with you. So my conclusion, I have a silly but very happy rabbit. Here are some pictures I took when Oscar thought he had to hide in the hay.

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