zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Best movie endings

I've decided to make another movie list, this time with the best movie endings. If you want to continue reading, please be carefull: SPOILER ALERT!!!

Memento: The movie screws with your head, because it starts at the end and ends with the beginning (confused already?). Leonard wants to find out who killed his wife, but we learn that she committed suicide.

Seven: "What's in the box"? Classic movie line. We don't actually see it, but we know it's Gwyneth's head. Two of the deathly sins meeting face to face. John Doe is jealous at David Mills' domestic life (envy) and David wants revenge for Doe killing his wife (wrath).

The Shawshank Redemption: Andy's escape, how he told the press about the corruption at Shawshank, his new identity and him finally meeting with his friend Red again. Everything is just perfect.

Planet of the Apes: George realizes that he isn't on another planet, but on his own: planet earth. And then that final line: "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!". The remake just didn't get it right.

The Sixth Sense: We find out that Bruce Willis' character has been death all along. Didn't see that one coming!!

The Usual Suspects: Probably the best ending ever! The clumbsy, limb Verbal Kint turns out to be mastermind Keyser Soze. Genious!

Fight Club: Tyler Durden wasn't real. He was in Norton's head.

The Game: Playing a game where you're actually risking your own life. Well it was a game allright, but all planned by Nicolas' brother Conrad. Maybe it was a little to perfect, but it was suprising.

The Departed: You think Colin Sullivan is the big winner, because he killed Billy Costigan and no one finds out about his dirty work as a mole. But then Dignam shows up at his appartment and shoots him. Very unexpected.
The original is even better, the bad guy wins.

The Prestige: Robert Angier thinks he outsmarted Alfred Borden. No way, Borden had a twin brother and Angier ends up dead.

Mystic River: Jimmy kills Dave, because he killed his daughter. He acts suspicious and we see that Dave struggles with something, but we learn that he didn't kill Jimmy's daughter. At the end you see Sean Devine looking at Jimmy, pointing his fingers at him, shaped as a gun. He probably knows about the killing.

American Psycho: Did Patrick Bateman actually kill all those people? I love a movie that leaves you thinking afterwards.

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