woensdag 17 februari 2010

Best Sawyer/ Juliet moments

Yesterday I posted my favorite TV couples. One of them was Sawyer and Juliet from "Lost". Well that romance ended recently, because Juliet died, but they had so many great moments together. Here are some of my favorites:

"Ladies first"
Sawyer tells Juliet that he's sorry that he asked her to stay, when she could leave the island. She's thankfull for him asking her that. They now have to get on the sub and Sawyer says: "ladies first".

Juliet meeting Sawyer at the beach
After Sawyer jumped out of the chopper, he swam back to the island, where he meets Juliet. They witness a big flash and that's when the island moves.

"Stay for 2 weeks"
Juliet has the chance to leave the island, but Sawyer asks her to stay for another 2 weeks. She does and that's the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

"Where do you think you're going blondie?"
Juliet is dragged into a giant whole when Sawyer grabs her arm and says: "Where do you think you're going blondie?" He can't hold on to her and she falls.

"I love you back"
Sawyer and Juliet are on the sub, thinking about how their life out in the real world. Juliet doesn't know what that means anymore and tells him she loves him. Sawyer responding: "I love you back".

"I love you - I love you too"
It's been 4 years and Sawyer picks a flower. It's meant for Juliet. She thanks Sawyer for believing in her and tells him she loves him. Sawyer says "I love you too".

The goodbye
Sawyer realizes that Juliet is still alive and gets to her. When Juliet is trying to tell him something, she dies in Sawyer's arms. One of the most heartbreaking moments on "Lost".

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