dinsdag 16 februari 2010

Best TV couples

Yes, I made another list. This time with my favorite TV couples. It was a little harder then I eventually thought it would be, but I managed. And it was a lot of fun to do. So many couples to choose from, but then I realized that some of them aren't actual couples yet. So I made another shorter list of characters that I want to end up together. Here they are, in random order:

Sara and Michael ("Prison Break"): They were meant to be together from the first time they met.

Izzie and Denny ("Grey's Anatomy"): They were so cute together, why did he have to die? I never liked Alex and Izzie together. I even liked her better when she was with George and that relationship was doomed to fail.

Jim and Pam ("The Office"): Great couple. It took them long enough to finally admit to their feelings, but they rule!

Lincoln and Sofia ("Prison Break"): We didn't get to see them having a relationship, untill the final episode, but they were perfect for each other.

Sylar and Elle ("Heroes"): Even evil people need love, right? They really spiced it up for each other. I liked this pair-up. She loved him so much that she died for him (actually because of him, but let's stay positive).

Nathan and Haley ("One Tree Hill"): I think this has been the most constant couple on TV. Yes, they have their problems, but they always end up together. Nathan and Haley are a match made in heaven.

Sawyer and Juliet ("Lost"): At first I didn't really like Juliet, so I never thought I would be happy to see them hook up. But when they did, I was! They were great together. She tamed him and made him want to be a better man. So sad when Juliet died (we actually saw Sawyer cry).

Susan and Mike ("Desperate Housewives"): They've been through a lot, but everyone knows that Susan and Mike are right for each other.

Chuck and Ned ("Pushing Daisies"): I just love them!

Dean and Jo ("Supernatural"): They realized what they felt for each other, they kissed and then..... Jo died. From the first episode Jo was in, I rooted for those two to hook up. And when it finally happens, they decide to kill off Jo. Poor Dean.

Brooke and Lucas ("One Tree Hill"): Lucas looks great on every woman's side, but I always liked him with Brooke. But him ending up with Peyton was also OK.

I wish they were couples:
Catherine and Nick ("CSI"): There has always been a lot of chemistry between those two. Why not make it happen?

Damon and Elena ("The Vampire Diaries"): I know, she's in love with the good brother, Stefan. But the tension between her and Damon is so much better.

Sawyer and Claire ("Lost"): With Juliet dead, Sawyer needs someone. Kate is bad for him, because she can't choose between Jack and Sawyer (easy choice for me) and with Claire being back... I always wanted them to be a couple, don't know why.

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