zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Best of... Cameron Diaz

The woman with the prettiest smile in Hollywood: Cameron Diaz. She's a very entertaining actress and she had some great movies. Here are my favorites:

"There's Something About Mary"
My all-time favorie Cammie movie and I think the funniest movie I've ever seen. I don;t think Cameron can beat this one. It's almost a classic in its genre. Great moments, like the hairgel scene or the one with the zipper incident.

"Being John Malkovich"
She's a little weird in this film, but this movie itself is also weird. But weird in a good way. Very original story and a challenging role for Cameron.

"Gangs of New York"
Her role isn't that memorable, but the movie is. Which makes it on my list of favorite Cameron Diaz movies.

"Very Bad Things"
I love dark humor. This movie has it. Cameron, as Laura, wants the perfect wedding and the perfect married life. It doesn't exactly turn out that way.

"The Mask"
Her first role in a very funny movie. The start of an amazing career.

"In Her Shoes"
I didn't think much of this movie at first, but it turned out to be very good. I liked Cameron together with Toni Colette.

How can I forget about this one? "Shrek" is a one of a kind story, everybody loves Shrek and his sweet Fiona.

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