zaterdag 24 juli 2010

CSI's Upcoming Season 11

I'm so excited that CSI decided to create another season: number 11. Awesome! I can't wait, but unforntunately we all have to. Everyone but Wendy Simms (played by Liz Vassey) is going to return and I heard a lot of news about the new season. Here's what I hope for seeing:

- Well, after Wendy Simms left there's a new lab tech on the way. Her name is Kacey Monohan and she is a bomb expert. Cool huh? She will team up with Nick. Maybe they will team up in another way too..
- I've been hoping for a Doc Robbins centric episode for a long time. That guy has been on the show for so long. The same goes for David Phillips. Get them in the spotlight already!
- I want to find out more about Catherine and Detective Vartann.
- Will Ray Langston live? (Off course he will, kind of a retorical question)
- Will Sara be a series regular again, like appearing in the opening credits?
- What about Grissom? I thought he would come back again, at least for one episode. I wasn't a Grissom fan, but maybe he could show his face just one more time.
- I want a memorable guest star. It appears that the first episode of the season has Justin Bieber in it. Well, he's not really memorable. In five years, nobody remembers him anymore. No, I'm talking big guest stars like Tom Hanks, Uma Thurman, Sean Penn or Robert Downey Jr. Other shows have stars of this caliber, why can't "CSI" have 'em?
- I want to learn more about Langston's private life and the same goes for Greg.
- Lots of action and tension and I want an episode like "Appendicitement", that was my favorite of season 10.
- More screentime for labrats Archie and Bobby, my two favorite labguys.

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