zondag 18 juli 2010

Best of... Naomi Watts

You might know that Naomi Watts is my all-time favorite actress. She's amazing, wonderfull and I think that she is better than a lot of other top actresses that get all the attention. She is pure and intense! Here are my favorite Watts movies.

"Mulholland Drive"
One complicated film, but I love this David Lynch movie. It really makes you think and it's a sort of puzzle. Naomi is very good in here role as Diane Selwyn/ Betty Elms.

"King Kong"
One of the best remakes ever. This movie is pure eye candy, but the scenes between Ann Darrow and Kong are the most memorable. So beautiful. And that ending... heart ripping!

"The Painted Veil"
Here in The Netherlands it never made it to the cinema (that proves again how weird this country is). When I saw the trailer on the internet, I really wanted to see it, so when it was released on DVD, I bought it. And I loved it!!! Great story and Naomi is again dashing!

"21 Grams"
Here best movie and role. Three stories, that have nothing to do with each other, cross paths. All the pieces of the puzzle fall together. It's amazing how Alejandro González Iñárritu did that.

"Eastern Promises"
Viggo Mortensens role is best in this film, but you can never overlook Naomi in a movie. Her role is again very strong and independent.

"The Assassinaion of Richard Nixon"
Here role isn't very big, but you notice her. She's not very nice, but even than you love Naomi.

"Funny Games"
Again a remake. It's a harsh movie, but Watts performs wonderfully. As always!

She was only nominated for an Academy Award once ("21 Grams"). Can you understand that?? Well, it's time for a win.

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